It uses a rehabilitative method to deal with youth. Federal Political System 2: Each and every young person is given the chance and opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and reintegrate into society to live a well life. But I also think that they should do less discipline because some people over do it. Some people do change but others don’t. They do not fully understand what consequences are related to their actions and thus tend to be more reckless and unwise. Many people in Canada, and around the world, believe that youth are not reprimanded harsh enough for the crimes they commit and that in general, are able to squeeze through the justice system without punishment.

Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. So I think that the government should make the punishment more harsh. If you dothe crime you should do the time. Young offenders should also know when there doing something wrong. So, what are your thoughts?

ycja fair equitable essay

It makes sure the youth are provided with meaningful consequences for their actions and then reintegrates them back into society. I think that on some of the larger crimes it isn’t harsh enough and people end up re-offending more seriously, and honestly a lot of silly equitavle get punished too harshly. Consumerism and Quality of Life 8: Senior spicy buns Jayden. Rehabilitation and reintegrate is a great way to help them learn about the eqiitable and try to fix them.

Is Canada’s Youth Justice System Fair and Equitable Essay

While other state that being faur retributive will not resolve any crime issues instead will just leave the youth to work on their anger by themselves. I think that the punishments are sometimes to harsh because if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, then you get punished for something that you didn’t do. I am in the middle wuth my thoughts because I think for somethings the YCJA is a bot too lenient but on the other hand it equiable it can be a bit strict. They will change there life around.


This way has a better shot of reducing crime than a retributive system. With crimes that seem to be constantly repeating essag youth we should raise the level of punishment to possibly scare them off.

I feel there needs to be more of a grey area where punishment extends on either side. If we don’t, in a way it’s like saying “I’ll see you next week to clean my garage!

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To what extent is the justice system fair and equitable for youth? He will do it again. Planned murders are first degree murder. If we compare this way of justice to United States which uses retributive justice we will see a difference in crime rates and notice that United States has a higher rate of people prisoned than Canada. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. This is easy to see the reasoning.

ycja fair equitable essay

equitale Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I think the punishments from the YCJA are good, because when someone has done something bad, they need to learn from what they have done.


Let me help you. There are two large foundations supporting each females and males to mentor healthy skills and help understand the importance of human rights.

ycja fair equitable essay

Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? We will write a custom essay sample on. Therefore, you and your friends get the punishment.

This way can steer them clear from the life of crime and promote the long term protection of the society. I feel that youths are punished too harshly.

The Youth Justice System deals with year olds in trouble with the law. ucja

The YCJA: Thoughts and Reflections

We are still kids who make mistakes, our minds are still growing and learning from previous mistakes. Youth all over Canada are not allowed to drive, drink and vote until they reach at a certain age. Sometimes they don’t realize the consequences that come with their actions. How About Make It Original? That is why Youth Justice System subjects young offenders to consequences like counselling and community service for his or her offence instead of just locking them up as hopeless cases.

Serious the age for this is way to high.