Most people choose to leave this question blank. What is the University of Waterloo’s acceptance rate? If you have applied to more than one program please discuss your interest in each program. OK Now I understand. I probably have my AIF answers saved on a word document somewhere, but like Razear said, it’s really not difficult.

This sort of adds more pressure on us, but does Waterloo see this and realize the amount of harrd work an IB student must put to achieve the same thing as an academic student? This is because Waterloo has the ELPE English Literacy Proficiency Exam which is a lovely exam you get to write during any term before 2B testing to see if you can write a proper essay. Please enter your email address. My experiences in these competitions strengthened both my team work skills and my problem solving skills, which is essential in working as a Civil Engineer. Firstly, think of what your goal is as an engineer. I have deleted my post not only because of your comment, which i agreed with, but also because i have got no online responses of constructive criticism with my AIF.

Essah provides a superior cooperative education program that will not only allow me to apply theories learned in a reputable environment to tasks in the work force, but will also open up many pathways in my future.

Waterloo AIF- My goals and interest and my reason for choosing Waterloo

By completing your form, you may be eligible for additional scholarships. Therefore, I encourage you to visit the university website to learn in-depth about the university and to find out some interesting things about the Electrical Engineering department on essa.


waterloo aif essay

The Canadian Computing Competition is most relevant for Computer Science applicants, but if you wrote it, don’t hesitate wwterloo include your score even when applying to other programs. In an age where applicants all have excellent grades, writing a great AIF is the best way to differentiate yourself.

Basically fill in information about your courses and grades.


What is the chance of getting admission in Waterloo if the AIF was sent on the last day? If you haven’t had a essya before, how can you demonstrate your employability? Please enter your email address. As for the question, I did not talk about the university because I believe they want to know more why I am choosing Electrical Engineering.

It esszy an english essay, you’re supposed to be selling “you”. Can one section be in past and other be in present? Second, you have to prove to them that you would be prepared for co-op job applications.

Get all the details on what to include and why we ask for the AIF as part of your university application. Like during first year in engineering, are there any scholarships for like second year which we can apply to. Sorry, you do not have a permission to answer to this question. Honestly, forget the frills and unnecessary BS, be straightforward and put what you mean. They are interesting, engaging, witty, nicely written. Create a New Account.

Looking at Admission Essays

For me, it was the boundless opportunities to waaterloo and learn. For most programs at Waterloo, it is strongly recommended to fill out the admission information form AIF. Information from the forms is used to make scholarship decisions for over scholarships across campus.


waterloo aif essay

Hi professor, I was just wondering if the same checking process applies to all of the faculties within Waterloo. This is why those with averages in the 80s can still get into engineering. Answered Mar 11, Going into computer science? Did you repeat any courses? I came across these examples of admissions essays at Johns Hopkins University a while ago: The first question asks you to write about your Engineering interests and goals, and the second question asks you to write about a book you particularly enjoyed.

What is it like to be a student of the University of Waterloo? When writing your responses, I would recommend saving them on a Word document.

Chibi1 I think you need to be more specific in your answers for these question. What did you learn? I feel like mine is really badly structured. What are my chances of getting admission in University of Waterloo? The key to the AIF is demonstrating that you have an interest in the program you are studying. Did you ajf certain courses at night school or summer school?