Students are expected to reach each academic milestone within a specified time period in order to make satisfactory progress through the program. All non-thesis students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation. Doctoral students must submit a preliminary degree plan at the conclusion of the first year. The Graduate School discourages students from working toward more than one graduate degree at the same time. Dissertation students must be enrolled in dissertation during the semester the dissertation is defended and during the semester of graduation. For mailing service through express mail or outside the United States there is a service fee.

Unclaimed diplomas will be kept for five years from the date of award. Eligibility for Teaching and Research Assistants: Full time classification is a criterion for employment as teaching and research assistants, as well as for receipt of stipends, scholarships and financial aid. A complimentary transcript showing the degree earned will be mailed separately. Thesis Requirements The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis.

General Degree Requirements

Fulltime classification for non-dissertation students is granted for one term only, the final term. All graduate degree candidates are required to satisfactorily complete an oral or written examination or both. The non-thesis is reviewed and accepted by the supervising committee and, if required, submitted to the academic graduate department rather than to the Graduate School.

For summer graduates, regardless of the summer session of enrollment, the degree is conferred at the end of the last summer session.

Thesis utep?

For further information, individuals should contact the appropriate dean’s office and the Graduate School at Thesis Requirements The candidate must be accepted into a graduate program prior to pursuing the thesis. Institutional academic honors awarded will appear below the major s. University of Texas at El Paso. A copy of the dissertation, using any publication style appropriate to the given discipline, must be submitted to the Graduate School for format check prior to the scheduled defense date.


General Degree Requirements < University of Texas at El Paso

Approximately two months following the end of each long semester December and May and at the end of the long summer session Augustthe university awards a diploma to each student upon whom a degree is conferred provided a graduation application has been filed. For composition of the supervising committee, the student should refer to the section utel this catalog that describes their respective doctoral program.

Summer candidates participating in May commencement must complete the application process by the published deadline for May graduation. A complimentary transcript showing the degree earned will be mailed separately. Students whose degrees are conferred in February are invited to participate in the May commencement ceremony.

utep thesis guidelines

Additional requirements may be set by each doctoral program. The program’s graduate studies committee will provide all students with annual, written evaluations and feedback on milestones that should have been met. Final term is determined by the final degree plan and the Graduate Catalog.

Filing of a departmental graduate advisor- and college dean-approved Application for Graduate Degree with the Graduate School.

A posthumous degree can be awarded only if the student was enrolled in courses that would have allowed the student to complete all work for the degree, and if guidelies student had the appropriate grade point average in the required areas for graduation.

Summer candidates wishing to participate in spring commencement must defend by Dead Thhesis of the spring semester.

Doctoral Milestones All newly admitted doctoral students thesia required to meet with their doctoral program advisor and sign a New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement during the first semester of enrollment in the program. Dissertation Requirements A doctoral candidate must be accepted into a doctoral program prior to pursuing the dissertation.

utep thesis guidelines

thesie December, as published in the Schedule of Classes at http: Diploma The name appears on the diploma as it appears on the official university record. Summer doctoral degree candidates may participate in the May commencement ceremony only if the dissertation is defended by Dead Day of the spring semester.


utep thesis guidelines

Minimum enrollment must be in courses that fulfill graduate degree requirements. If a student without adequate preparation is admitted to a given graduate program, admission will be conditional until such time as the student has completed the courses of preparatory work designated by the graduate advisor.

Non-dissertation students seeking full time classification must submit a final degree plan and if applicable, apply for graduation. Graduation Requirements Degrees are conferred at the end of each semester and at the end of the summer session. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be granted one full academic year to reach missed milestones. Posthumous Degree Enrolled students whose untimely death prevents degree completion may be awarded a posthumous degree.

For mailing service through express mail or outside the United States there is a service fee. Some programs require internship reports, professional reports or formal papers prepared in certain graduate seminar or conference-type uteo in lieu of a thesis.

Doctoral students should consult program policies regarding enrollment in undergraduate courses approved for graduate credit. Graduates who request an unclaimed diploma after it has been destroyed will have to pay the replacement fee in effect at the time of their request. Formal guodelines ceremonies are held in May for all candidates who complete degree requirements during the spring semester and in December for fall candidates and graduates of the previous summer.

The rational is that the diploma is a legal document, and it represents the degree earned.