The webcast will be available on demand from Wednesday 5 September at the following link: Looking ahead, under the new Water Act, introduced in May , the water supply threshold will be reduced further to zero for non-household customers and also be expanded to include sewerage as well as water services, with a target date of at the earliest. Read our cookie policy for further details. By offering value for money, as well as the increased range of services, we have also been winning customers out of area. We serve approximately , businesses in the North West. Read more in Performance.

United Utilities’ contribution to the regional economy over — is estimated at. The webcast will be available on demand from Wednesday 5 September at the following link: The Consumer Council for Water represents customers’ interests relating to price, service and value for money. This website works best with Javascript enabled. Read more in Performance. As each company in the water sector operates as a regional monopoly for its services, they are subject to regulation in terms of both price and performance. Our business uses a combination of technology and the natural environment to become part of the water cycle.

Depreciation determined by RCV run-off and post depreciation.

united utilities amp6 business plan

The highlights of the proposal include This mechanism provides scope for flexible acceleration in adopting new technology so it can improve service delivery to customers faster. In addition, we offer and are continuing to develop a broad range of value-added utiliities for business customers.

United Utilities to give more detail on its plans for AMP7

Where performance falls short of expectations, Ofwat can take actions, such as enforcement actions or fines, in order to protect customers’ interests.

This website works best plzn Javascript enabled. Away from the water sector, in line with our vision to be a leading North West service provider, we also benchmark plaj customer service performance against other leading service providers in our region. Overall cost of debt RPI real. These include significant reductions in leakage, sewer flooding, and supply interruptions, as well as further developments in our industry leading pollution performance and integrated catchment management approach.


Our operating environment

Louise Beardmore, the company’s customer services director, said: We are in detailed dialogue with Ofwat to understand this difference and provide any further evidence required to support our submission. Ofwat The Water Services Regulation Authority is the economic regulator of the water and sewerage sectors in England and Wales, responsible for ensuring the companies provide customers with a good-quality, efficient service at a fair price.

Separate retail price controls should provide retail businesses with greater incentives and focus on delivering more efficient service to business customers as competition expands, and also to household customers under a new average cost to serve approach. Further, the company also proposes adopting an RPI-stripped appointee cost of capital of 2. Unitdd adjustments include a range of economic, performance and scope differences, compared with the assumptions made at the price review.

united utilities amp6 business plan

Comparatively low interest rates have also been beneficial to our future cost of debt as we continue with our interest rate hedging strategy. We are cutting bills such that they will be lower in real terms in than they were 15 years ago, whilst also delivering higher standards of service, increasing resilience, delivering innovation and investing for the long-term. This is consistent with the approach we adopted at PR14 although the adjustment required for AMP7 is significantly lower than the amount advanced in AMP6.

This is a strong value for money proposition, which research shows over 80 per cent of our customers support, and which we are committed to deliver. Since then, we have focused on developing a range of value-added services and improving levels of customer satisfaction, combined with competitive pricing, in order to win business customers.

These significant savings are achieved through innovations applied in AMP6 and planned for AMP7, market testing our cost base and a better challenge of needs both internally and externally with our quality regulators.


Steve Mogford, Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our business plan sets out our ambition to build on our achievements in AMP6 and deliver a better quality, more reliable water and wastewater service for customers in the North West of England to and beyond.

United Utilities Group PLC – PR19 Business Plan – Proactiveinvestors (UK)

The table below identifies the costs included within the building blocks of the allowed revenue: The table below shows a reconciliation between the wholesale total expenditure totex programme in AMP5 and that in our AMP7 business plan submission: Our full PR19 business plan can be accessed at the following link: We have significantly reduced leakage over the last 25 years and have met our leakage target for over a decade. Newsletter Sign up today for your daily news alert and weekly roundup.

The company also expects to deliver a major water resilience scheme with estimated construction costs of over million pounds in AMP7 and AMP8 to be directly procured for customers in Manchester and the Pennines. Gaynor Kenyon – Corporate Affairs Director. Useful Links Downloads list. We tailor our services to the needs of each customer.

Smart metering enables customers to monitor their water usage by providing regular, detailed consumption data.

Our operating environment

The Consumer Council aml6 Water represents customers’ interests relating to price, service and value for money. We provide services to approximately three million households in our region and this generates around two thirds of our total revenues.

Here is some help to get you started – How to enable Javascript. We also serve busineswbusinesses, ranging in size from large manufacturing companies down to small shops.

united utilities amp6 business plan