Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? In Ivalice, babysitting is a dangerous job when the wildlife can cast Thundara. Watch me play FFTA in gba. Dueling Sub is a dispatch mission. Evasion The basic formula for hit-rate is evasion. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.

Naw, I guess I don’t want to fight Evildeath. Montblanc masters Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. Stopped, Sleeping, Petrified, and KOed characters cannot dodge. If it has that sword icon, it’s a fight. Evasion The basic formula for hit-rate is evasion. Are you still a teenager? I should be more careful!

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Sabatini proves more useful for killing than anyone else. Instead, bards and musicians are to take up knightly vows. Each and every time you play this game it looks different.

thesis hunt ffta

Please report any posts that do not adhere to these rules, or Reddit’s sitewide rules. Stopped, Sleeping, Petrified, and KOed characters cannot dodge.


Those Bombs have it now, but by about level 10 every Bomb has it. Sure, it heals for nearly nothing but it’s free and fta most statuses.


thesis hunt ffta

Woah what the fuck they’ve already got these fuckers for sale? Cecile is a Fencer but that’s unimportant. Naw, I guess I don’t want to fight Evildeath. Here’s that Flame Attack. Want to add to the discussion? Watch me play FFTA in gba.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Mission Thesis Hunt Gameplay : finalfantasytactics

Marche is Ramza now. None of these guys has an action ability that causes HP damage. More topics from this board My point was simply that in typical beginner play, without carefully choosing laws, it only gets easier after Thesis Hunt. As a reward for exploiting the law, Montblanc decides to engage in open warfare. Sprohm is placed one panel away from Cyril.

That knife nearly cost me the whole game. This mission is pretty boring aside from all the fucking missing. Life is just a series of problems that make you wish you yhesis dead until you are!

thesis hunt ffta

When the Bombs start falling, the mission eases up significantly. The sprinkler is mine! Let’s take the long way to Giza and get the law to affect actions we don’t have. I think a shopping spree is in order. All the enemy has are abilities like this. hhunt


Become a Redditor and subscribe to tthesis of thousands of communities. The law forbids the Fight command. The rumors at the bar are completely pointless, most of the time. I’d be foolish to take on any of these missions besides Thesis Hunt, the next story mission.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Part #3 – Forbidden: Hitting

You must be joking. The Green Beret is the only hat in the whole game that teaches an ability.

The support abilities Concentrate and Turbo MP increase accuracy.