Sep 28, Justinian added it Shelves: The result is a comprehensive historicisation of the disease that straddles epidemiology and close readings of various documents. In that year the Europeans initiated contacts across the Atlantic and, soon after, across the Pacific which have never ceased. Kiers of the University of California credits Crosby with putting ecological history on the map, adding that the pioneering text not only awakened, inspired and challenged a generation of readers, but should also prove more relevant as the pace of global exchange continues to increase. Not to be unfounded, he resorted different historical sources, analyzed opposing to each other theories and provided philological analysis of terms even. One wonders how a few hundred Spaniards managed to conquer these giant Indian empires. This is an important topic.

The Europeans found the rich loam of the grasslands, which had been allowed to enrichen for centuries, a fertile resource under their plows. It honestly seemed like something you might find in a book about why one should be an Atheist, not a book on historical research. The list of shared to Old World animals was not so impressive: What made these transplanted crops such a boon for the rest of the world is that they did not compete with crops currently being grown and could be planted in fields that would otherwise have lain fallow. At first, the term exchange presupposes the balance of two parts. This Columbian exchange, between the Old World and the New, changed the history of our planet drastically and forever.

Crazy as it seems, Crosby was really the first to lay out this argument that the most important thing about Columbus was wlfred biological revolution he touched off. As you see, it was the game with only one gate. Oct 08, David rated it it was amazing. In addition, we met multifaceted approach to analyzed issue. The fact that the discussion of a disease of the Western hemisphere afflicted the East at all, though, is an element of the history that frequently goes without commented.


This is a good example of total history, and of the ways in which biology, environment, food shape history.

They soon filled the new continent; swelling to great numbers on the temperate grasslands of the pampas clumbian Argentina and Uruguay, and northwards into Mexico. I tell you, after about ten years of muttering about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, you really need some invigoration from other sources.

The Columbian exchange by Alfred W. Crosby

To ask other readers questions about The Columbian Exchangeplease sign up. The new diseases affected Indians in really dramatic way.

the columbian exchange alfred crosby thesis

Both the horses and diseases moved through the virgin lands of America faster than did the people who had brought them to the New World. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The survivors suffered a crisis in leadership when their leaders, such as Huayna Capac and his heirs, all died. When it comes to Columbus we are often quick to point out the negative aspects of the Conquista, the mass killing of natives, destruction of colkmbian and environment.

The list of shared to Old World animals was not so impressive: This Columbian exchange, between the Old World and the New, changed the history of our planet drastically and forever. Feb 19, Greg rated it columbkan liked it.

But, today Russia is the largest producer of potatoes in the world. Consequences of the Columbian exchange still thesi today. It is fascinating to know that the foods we consider Southern home cooking are eaten here because they are native to the Americas. But in every other regard the book has been superseded. To get this general thesis, it is important to take some particular looks at the parts of exchane entire plot.

This is not at all to suggest that the work was in any way indicative of a faulty scholarship on the part of its author, or that the material was methodologically problematic. The concept of the Columbian Exchange was a new one to me, and I had not previously read anything dealing with ecological history. This book has actually changed my personal view of the importance of Colonial Latin America in that it has shown how that exchange is still changing the world today.


The ox and plow combination enabled a few men to cultivate very large areas of land—extensive cultivation—which became more and more important as the Indian population declined and with it the quantities of foodstuffs produced by the techniques of intensive cultivation. We might also note that, in as far as overall usefulness is concerned, whether or not a monograph conforms to the strictures of a given discipline is much less important now than it might have been in decades past. Published April 1st by Praeger Publishers first published In a review of a later edition, Frederick H.

This is the classic study that has now become a key part of every American and World History class at both the high school and college levels. Everyone in the Americas was a Amerindian.

The Columbian exchange by Alfred W. Crosby |

It is a staple for the Chinese. Stunning discoveries and researches that was done 30 years ago exchannge enormous research material. It was very out of place. We are world-travelers, Hondius, Yale University Library “We are world-travelers, trekkers of deserts and crossers of oceans. Human population doubled from to 3.

the columbian exchange alfred crosby thesis

This book was published in the early s, and some of Crosby’s ideas have been accepted as common sense while some of the premises he rests his ideas on have since come into question.