Lectures There shall be some didactic lectures in the specialty and in the allied fields. Candidates should periodically present cases to his peers and faculty members. Age changes — clinical structure. Tooth and stages of development of tooth, hard tissues, soft tissues and supporting structures of tooth. Drawing album and records – Tables showing chronology of teeth. Radiographic interpretation – Dental Caries, periodontal diseases, regressive changes of teeth. Pg Dissertation Guidelines NtruhsI started reading the book and stopped.

Dimensional changes in dental arches. Cephalograms — Cephalograms learning and analysis of children with normal occlusion and morphology at 3,7,11 and 14 years. Methods of testing biocompatibility of materials used. Pigmented lesions of oral mucosa. Theory Written examination shall consist of four question papers each of 3 hours duration. Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry. Name of the Trainee:

Approach Topics to be covered as seminars.


Preclinical work on typhodont teeth 1. D in Commerce M. To acquire skills in managing efficiently, the life threatening conditions with emphasis on basic life support measures. Cleft lip and palate rehabilitation – Diagnosis and ntfuhs planning – Mechanotherapy 94 – Special growth problems of cleft cases – Speech physiology, pathology and elements of therapy as applied to orthodontics Team rehabilitative procedures.

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Staff Signature Case 52 Name: A candidate must achieve a high degree of clinical proficiency in the subject matter and develop competence in research and its methodology as related to the field concerned. Personal hygiene and infection control, prevention of cross infection and safe disposal of hospital waste, keeping in view the high prevalence of Hepatitis and HIV and other highly contagious diseases.


Primary lesions and secondary lesions. Indications and contraindications, diagnosis, procedures of periradicular surgery. Common drugs in Pediatrics: Special mention may be made of the presentations by the candidate as well as details of clinical or laboratory procedures, if any conducted by the candidate.

Anticholininergic drugs and drugs acting on autonomic ganglia. Instill a positive attitude and behavior in children 3. It includes presentation and discussion on dissertation also.

Manual of Pedodontics — Andlaw and Rock Drawing album and records – Tables showing chronology of teeth. For admission in the Ph.


MISSION OF THE PROGRAM The mission of the postgraduate program in pediatric dentistry is to educate and train specialists in dafe dentistry who can competently evaluate, improve and maintain the oral health of infants, children and adolescents and also persons with special htruhs care needs in a compassionate and productive manner.

Anatomy of Face – Skin and subcutaneous tissue of oral cavity, face, scalp and neck. Differential jtruhs of multiple separate and generalized radiopacities. It is desirable to have adequate knowledge in bio-statistics, epidemiology, research methodology, nutrition and computers.

Concept of essential drugs and rational use of drugs. Weekly seminars, journal and case discussions will be conducted in the department on rotation basis for the PG students. The objectives may be considered as under; 1. The performance is assessed by the guide by direct observation. Institutions may include additional activities, if so, desired. Drugs Acting On Blood – Coagulants. Oral Pathology and Microbiology Developmental disturbances of oral and para oral structures, regressive changes of teeth, bacterial, viral, mycotic infection of oral cavity, submissin caries, diseases of pulp and Periapical tissues, physical and chemical injuries of oral cavity, wide range of pathological lesions of hard and soft tissues of the orofacial regions like the cysts odontogenic infection, benign, malignant neoplasms, salivary gland diseases, maxillary sinus diseases, mucosal diseases, oral aspects of various systemic diseases, role of laboratory investigation in oral surgery.


It may be structured dare assessment be done using checklists that assess various aspects. Submissuon not possessing a recognized dental qualification for the above purpose should secure the 5 prior approval of his qualification by the Dental Council of India before he can be admitted into MDS course.

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Pg dissertation guidelines ntruhs jackson dbq essay guidelines. Update knowledge by self study and by attending courses, conferences and seminars relevant to specialty.

ntruhs thesis submission date

This performance should be evaluated from assessment by the faculty members of the department and from feedback from the undergraduate students See Thesi checklist 5, Section IV iv Periodic tests: All the teaching faculty should be full time. Infections of oral and para oral regions bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Name of the Trainee: