To provide postpartum prophylaxis, RhoGam should be administered:. Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. Nursing services will be more generalized to meet the greater demand for home nurses. The nurse is aware that the doctor has ordered continuous observation because:. The nurse is caring for an year-old with chronic bronchitis.

The physician suspects vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. Materials appearing in this book prepared by individuals as part of their official duties as U. Practice Exam 3 and Rationales Aug 12, Which action should the nurse take at this time? As long as you master these questions and answers, you will sail through the exam you want to attend.

The nurse should teach the client that Lovenox injections should:. Standards of performance determined by the medical community c. The physician has ordered a minimal-bacteria diet for a client with neutropenia. Clinical skills are less important in a home care setting than in a hospital setting.

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Intermittent skilled nursing care or physical, speech, or occupational therapy must be needed. A priority nswborn diagnosis for a child being admitted from surgery following a tonsillectomy is:. The client is complaining of severe pain in his feet and hands.

The nurse is caring for a jaundlce admitted with multiple trauma. A client with pneumacystis carini pneumonia is receiving trimetrexate. Belief is in a divine existence rather than attending a particular church. A teenage boy explores the religions of his friends in hopes of developing his own faith.


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The newbborn is admitted to the chemical dependence unit with an order for continuous observation. During the initial interview, the client reports that she has a lesion on the perineum.

The nurse should explain that a sponge bath is recommended for the first 2 weeks of life because:. The focus of hospice care is on improving quality of life as opposed to prolonging the length of life.

newborn with jaundice case study quizlet

Which of the following activities would be performed by a home care nurse in the pre-entry phase of the home visit? It causes, or is caused by, irreversible alterations in normal anatomy and physiology. This is a collection of multiple choice questions focused on pharmacology for students preparing for the NCLEX. The nurse is aware that a nonstress test can be ordered for this client to:. The client admitted 2 days earlier with a lung resection accidentally pulls out the chest tube.

A fiber optic blanket is another form of phototherapy. Toole is shaken up and sore from her fall, but there appears to be no further damage to her hip. The home health nurse is planning for the day’s visits. Skip to main content. Which of the following nursing advocates elevated the status of nursing to a respected occupation, improved the quality of nursing care, and founded modern nursing education? Which doctor’s order should the nurse question?


A client with clotting disorder has an order to continue Lovenox enoxaparin injections after discharge. The nurse notes variable decelerations on the fetal monitor strip. The primary reason for rapid continuous rewarming of the area affected by frostbite is to:.

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Raines, who has no medical insurance, was getting samples of medications for blood pressure treatment from the pharmaceutical representatives at the clinic. What is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take?

newborn with jaundice case study quizlet

Which of the following is the process in which specialty knowledge, experience, and clinical judgment are validated by many U. To get pass nclex pn sample questions The staff nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit is aware that red electrical outlets denote emergency power and will function in the event of an outage. A client with osteoarthritis has a prescription for Celebrex celecoxib. The nurse is caring for caae year-old with chronic bronchitis.