Thus, when appropriate, students should use services marketing concepts in their discussion to provide evidence of their knowledge and understanding of these concepts. Reasonably good attendance i. Academy of management led these same values to reevaluate how the Bank has with their customers. This is a lengthy and time consuming process. The course is designed and relevant not just for students with careers in services industries e. A Case Study JetBlue: JYSKE bank spent huge amount of money to redesign their bank branches.

Discussion of worst service. Did the airline handle the crisis well — why or why not? Design Gap Distinguish different types of service innovation, present service blueprinting as a technique for service design, identify different types of customer-defined service standards, explain how physical evidences affect customer experience, recognize the strategic role of servicescape and guidelines for physical evidence strategy Match Customer Requirements by Delivering and Performing Services Provider Gap 3: The purpose was not only to decorate it to look attractive. Introduction to Marketing Brief Course Description: Interactional attractiveness – JYSKE bank were creating interactional attractiveness among valuable customers through architectural and design changes. What is the value proposition for customers?

Assigned Case Questions Case assignments are specifically designed for this class.

Also JYSKE stuyd is investing more in employees, system and infrastructure to be the top one in Scandinavian banking market. The presentation will be on 22 November Saturday where both electronic and printed copies of the presentation should be provided at the presentation time.

Because employees computer screen were placed like that customers can see them and ensured openness to customers.

Grade for individual participation will be based in the instructor’s judgment on consistency meaning the individual student participates constructively and shows leadership in class discussion. It is known as STP sercice goes through the positioning in 3 stages – segmentation, targeting and finally positioning.


All team reports will be presented in class.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

Did the airline handle the crisis well — why or why not? Listening Gap Outline elements in an effective service marketing research program, analyzing customer research findings with reference to zones of tolerance, diagnosis profitability tiers with the aid of the customer pyramid tool, state different relationship development strategies, differentiate service recovery strategies Align with Customer Requirements by Service Design and Standards Provider Gap 2: The memo should be no longer than 2 pages single-spaced.

It introduced some tangible and intangible differences in its organization to do so.

Macro Environment of Companies in Bangladesh

Because the case is discussed in class, no late cases can be accepted. Efficiently apply service marketing research techniques to measure service quality and facilitate well-informed decisions being made leading to customer satisfaction and long-term success of the company; 3.

Can you categorize the encounter according to the four common themes: Plan on about PowerPoint slides for your presentation.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

A good paper will describe the problem and present a specific, logical plan for improvement. Employees were provided ID cards with dull images that were not indicating friendliness in providing services. This system was implemented to affect the service internally and positively. Grade varies significantly with attendance and attempts to participate. Course Packs for Weekly Learning Activities There are 2 encounters for each weekly topic consisting of: The deliverable for this part of the process is a hard copy only 3 page single-spaced typed case analysis that answers all case questions in details, due at the start of class.


Positive leadership role in the class.

1 Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

About Business Assignment The main goal of this site is helping viewers to know more about many business activities. Course Related Link Supplementary course materials including the syllabus, case questions, PPT slides, and other materials are posted on http: This relationship between core values and 5 basic service quality dimensions are —.

Service Performance Gap Exemplify the role of service leadership and service culture with example, explain the critical boundary-spanning roles of service employees, present different strategies for delivering quality service through people, identify the critical roles of customers in service delivery, present different strategies for enhancing customer participation in service co-creation Manage Service Brand Promises by Integrated Communication and Value-based Pricing Strategies Provider Gap 4: What else could JetBlue have done to improve the situation?

Accordingly, there are two types of course packages involved: Discussion of worst service. What did the employee do? What are the challenges and hurdles that must be overcome for it to succeed? The core values of the Bank are its fundamental basis.

jyske bank case study service marketing ppt

Those are consisting equality, transparency, honesty, servide and efficiency. Bear Workshop – Is it Successful? Electronic Banking System Nowadays e-commerce, e-business and financial services industry have increasingly become a necessary compone