I would recommend this course anyone wants to make career in Oracle Apps. Simple and User friendly. Mobile apps based on JavaScript fall into this category. Again, no need to hit the GUI in those acceptance tests. Appreciate the prompt handling of the issue.

Same when developers don’t allow testers to navigate through the code base. I was good to work straight away on what I have learned. What I liked most was their performance and practical way of teaching rather than giving speech in a theoretical way. Additionally I really liked their support, it’s prompt and courteous. I really learnt a lot and will surely miss not having the classes anymore. I would surely try to take another course in future from IQ Online Training. He had maintained a very nice pace and patients while taking us through each topic.

I just want to express the behavior that I expect from my objects. The browser is Webdriver Selenium.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

They have provided well-structured course videos from the basic to advanced level with examples. Overall very good experience with IQ online training.

Ruby Cucumber Online Training

Enrique Comba also suggested using narrator comes from Ruby as the variable used to refer to the person telling the story. Great to find IQ Online Trining. You also get bddd to a mailing list where you can get new exercises, news, and more. In Lean-Agile scope is refined in an iterative-incremental manner.


I really appreciate the service provided by IQ online training. Great work IQ Online Training! I have had till date. Pair programming is explained in the workshop and I am facilitating and helping pairs all the time.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

Ruby Cucumber is gaining popularity as its code can be run easily in different environments, and the code is reusable.

And the job of testers should not be placed at the end of the iteration but at the beginning.

Best Software training institute. Some refletions on the state of the industry Pretty much every keynote talked about the past.

homework 3 bdd and cucumber

It saves you from all the setups and you can concentrate on practice. If they are indifferent, use a unit testing framework. In that regard, there are no differences. Trainer explained each and every topic in detail and clarified all the questions that came in.

Course content is good and beginner friendly. Customer service support provided by them is top-notch. They are really doing a fantastic job. It was homeowrk first trial of electronic trading on a subject that I was good at, project management.

Category: Test Driven Development

Overall a good learning experience. I am also getting support from the trainer for my ongoing project. He has maintained the time as scheduled and has never missed any of the sessions. Even our good friend IE, is negotiation a truce with developers hommework its latest versions. I had a good learning experience on SAP Hybris here. The marketing team is extremely flexible and understanding.


CSCE Homework 3

The experience was awesome, since I ans a good trainer who is very friendly and experienced. Success all the way. The Course was with good information and the lecture was by talented people and I helped me a lot to pursue the certification.

But we homwwork get the chance to discuss why should they be implemented. Pero es cierto que el negocio de la gente no cambia todos los dias, al menos no tanto como solemos pensar. Not really from the high level. The actual instances of the objects in our application are directly accessible in our tests, there is not need to hit the application through the GUI to run end to end tests.