Seizing the moment Ir Dr Chan rejoined Arup in Hong Kong in and still remembered how, negotiating his first project as a young man, being asked by the year old director of the client company for his boss. Members of the HKIE. Applicants shall identify the discipline in which they consider it would be appropriate for them to be enrolled. A step-by-step approach has been adopted in devising competence-based assessment, which is to be introduced in four different phases. Submission of record of continuing professional development. If the completed renewal form with renewal fee is delivered by post, the early bird discount will only be applicable if the date of the chop printed by the post office on the envelope is before the due date expiry of current registration. The following are acceptable qualifications for registration:

So what was an artistic young man to do? When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists Create your website today. For applicants who have submitted applications in to sit for the IStructE Examination in , they would normally be considered as satisfying Section 12 1 a ii or 12 1 a iii of the Engineers Registration Ordinance Cap. Qualifications acceptable for registration by the ERB include Professional Membership of the following: If these applicants wish to apply for Members in the other jurisdiction first, their submissions under this Agreement shall be subject to a review which may comprise any or all of the following:. Registration is only available in a relevant discipline.

For example, Arup has won commissions from clients inspired by the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube to believe that creative solutions can be realised. Personal data in these notes shall be referred to as “Data”.

A member of the Institution shall order his conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and. The ERB would then conduct assessment on the applications.

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The arrival of the new millennium was accompanied by probably the busiest as well as most rewarding years of Ir Dr Chan’s career, with the design and construction of such projects as Beijing Hkke Airport, CCTV Tower and, of course, the Bird’s Nest and Water Cube coming thick and writibg.


Application Fee including search fee. Seizing the moment Ir Dr Chan rejoined Arup in Hong Kong in and still remembered how, negotiating his first project as a young man, being asked by the year old director of the client company for his boss.

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Temporary absence of up to 6 months may not affect registration. The assessment shall consist jkie examination of a report on training and experience, and an interview.

Acceptance to a discipline shall, however, be assessed by the ERB. The above fees are non-refundable. A person is ordinarily resident in Hong Kong if he remains in Hong Kong legally, voluntarily and for a settled purpose such as for education, business, employment or residencewhether of short or long duration. Social Science and Medicine. Provide a continuing professional development record for the purpose of application; and.

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Applicants who are not members of the HKIE. However, if late renewal is received within three months of the due date for renewal, your registration will be reinstated for the remainder of the original renewal period following receipt of payment of the renewal fee.

Professional Assessment

Hkie are eligible to use the title. Project coordination, project and contract management, cost estimations etc. A modest scheme developed in the s for a non-profit-making organisation that provides counselling services as well as cultural and educational activities for young people, it is by no means a high-profile or extravagant project but a “life-changing facility”. Hypothesis for lementary Buy an mba Essay writing pretense Argumentative essay sentence starters Thesis statement for skin cancer speech Writing good english essays Muet writing essay question 2 Share post Gold Award in, hKIE essay competition.

The election of replacements will be conducted at the respective Divisional Annual General Meetings.


The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

All registrations commence on the first day of the month following the Board’s approval. The following conditions apply to applicants who would like to make use of Professional Membership of these institutions as qualification for registration.

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He remembered “spending lots of time digging holes” – the holes in question including the substructure for the Hongkong Bank headquarters building. Corporate members of the.

Applicants who have obtained their substantive training and experience in a jurisdiction shall apply for Membership in that jurisdiction first. The eligibility for holders of above professional qualifications to a particular discipline shall be assessed and allocated by the Engineers Registration Board.

Applies only to Professional Members of the above institutions who have been admitted via normal procedures and do not apply to Professional Members of the above institutions who joined via their own reciprocal recognition agreements. Ir Dr Chan said it was vital for today’s engineers to apply their expertise to develop sustainable mobility systems, retrofit old buildings and design new buildings to save energy.

All applications made on or after 5 October shall be subject to the following terms and conditions.

Notes to Applicants

A member of the Institution shall discharge his duties to his employer or client with. Mastering the tao of steering creative professionals: Involvement in similarly complex, challenging projects, in China or elsewhere, inspires confidence and drive that will serve engineers well, wherever their services are required.

The ERB has the discretion to determine the extent and scope of the review. The Ordinance aims to control the collection, holding, processing and use of personal data.