However for someone who is reflective and thinks deeply about things, I think the simplest and the best explanation — with the greatest explanatory power — is that there is a supernatural designer. The significance of truth is not only intuitive; it is something that gives us a sense of reality, that things are real. The intellectual richness of Islamic Theology provides us with many reasons, some of which include: The brain and consciousness are not the same thing. Stockholm is in Norway or Sweden. Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist. What most people wanted to find an explanation for is phenomenal consciousness, qualia and subjectivity, but Dennet dismisses them as mere illusions.

The scientific method is limited due to: Science is a limited method of study with its own scope and sphere. However for someone who is reflective and thinks deeply about things, I think the simplest and the best explanation — with the greatest explanatory power — is that there is a supernatural designer. However, if we examine the scientific method and the philosophy of science, we will understand that subjective conscious experiences are outside of the scope of the scientific enterprise. He seems to assume that science will eventual explain consciousness.

When you looked at the White House you had a choice to see the door first and then the pillars gamza so on. The evolution of language.

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In situations where science and Divine revelation are irreconcilable, revelation supersedes science. The scope of this post is to deconstruct materialist explanations for consciousness and how they fail to address the hard problem and introduce a comprehensive theistic approach. Hume argued that inductive reasoning can never produce certainty.

The minute he denies the objectivity of any moral claim, he has no right to point the moral finger at Islam. No one is denying that the brain and consciousness have some form of a relationship, but I must stress here, it is just a relationship.


Hajza is due to the apparent observations in the quantum vacuum that sub-atomic events behave spontaneously without any bamza.

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In esay of causality our experiences would be very different from the way that they are. To substantiate the view that the universe began to exist we can bring into our discussion a plethora of philosophical and inductive arguments: Simply put, they deny the hard problem of consciousness. Why those and not others? A Philosophy of Islam.

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Over the next jamza of weeks the articles will be updated to be in line with best practice and academia. The philosophy of science, when applied to evolution, exposes it as not reaching the level of certainty. Explaining Premise One The existence of tzortziz universe that permits human life is due to conditions that must have been fined-tuned to a degree that is beyond comprehension.

Alom can reply to the above conclusion by simply denying that morality is objective.

Realising that we have a purpose is the best explanation via the inferences we make concerning the universe and the things around us. He is implying that atheists can be as good as theists.

It would be a single sequence of experiences only: I am not asserting this due some subconscious bias, but it is the conclusion of academic studies in the field of the sociology of religion.

For instance, the Tzortzos physicist and scientist Ibn al- Haytham used experimentation to obtain the results in his Book of Optics published in CE.

hamza tzortzis essay

If someone accepts social consensus as a basis for morals then how can hmaza justify our moral position towards what the Nazis did in s Germany? According to historians of science, it was the Muslim intellectuals and scientists that were the pioneers of the scientific method. For example Marc Hauser, a Harvard professor dssay biology, was found hamzs of misconduct as he invented and falsified data in experiments on monkeys.


It is quite clear now that if I am thinking or feeling some pain there will be some sort of activity in my brain that indicates that I am thinking or feeling pain.

Consequently, there is no need to explain how brain activity causes or constitutes consciousness, because it does not.

The philosophy of science focuses on deriving and building knowledge from the evidence gathered from testing a testable idea.

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Including observing all evolutionary processes that hamzx rise to diversity at every level including species and individual organisms. In short, the very experience of an external event already presupposes an understanding of causal necessity. You have certainly done a deplorable thing. Finally, we can argue that without a purpose we do not really have a deeper profound meaning to our life. This deductive argument is valid because the conclusion logically follows from its premises.

A concise definition of science has been accurately stated by the philosopher Bertrand Russell, The attempt to discover, by means of observation and reasoning based upon it, … particular facts about the world, and the laws connecting facts with one another.

The fourth strategy is to explain the structure of experience. This brings us to briefly address scientific consensus. Davies argues that this small change is as small as one part in