Annual Conference Scoring for the E-tray exercise is similar since marks are also awarded via a ranking system for each answer option however, in this case candidates lose 1 point with every step they are further from the correct answer. You will be asked to type a given text, incorporating various instructions and handwritten notes. Therefore, it is a very concrete, practical test simulating the very tasks of an assistant. The tests is aimed to assess the practical knowledge and the ability to use in efficient manner the IT tools and Microsoft Office applications. March 20, Button URL:

Why are these webinars super useful for your EPSO preparation? They need to identify and understand the information provided in the emails, and also make the links between the various emails, and they will have to measure the relevance of the three action options based on their understanding of the documents. The role of the European Parliament in Human Rights. This may result in overrepresentation of a particular Member State or gender we at Online EU Training have heard that British and Scandinavian candidates tend to be underrepresented, due to various reasons. That is, candidates get full marks if they identify the most effective and least effective options per question max mark is 2. We wil quickly response and send further information to you.


I would like to know more about the case study for specialists. Register to our wsbinar to receive the latest update on our courses. Charlemagne Building, European Commission- Brussels. Why now in your career? Charlemagne Building, Room Alcide de Gasperi.

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Business briefing exercise for AD12 and above: AD 11 Job type: You want to learn at your own pace, with your computer, in the comfort of your home. Gender Equality Policies in Research Institutions: The webinar aims at clarifying how the tested general competencies can be transfered into practice and by which behaviour and activity you can gain most points at the Epsp group exercise.

Why a public service? EU relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. Priorities of the Finnish Presidency with Ambassador Rislakki. What does it mean in ?

EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation – EU Events

Restricting microplastics in Europe How far and how fast? Contact organisers for location details. March 31, Button URL: Foreign policy, Security and Defence.

In addition to these impressive figures EPSO evaluated diplomas, organised language tests and completed Contract Agent selection processes, which produced successful candidates.

Implementation of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. Everything You Need To Know.

We present you online a practical and proven model that can help you as an orientation framework to also act in such a way that you cover all the competencies you have to show. Industry, Enterprise and Single Market.


epso case study webinar

We should complete those “lists” after with more text about the subject? Epxo is the process you went through and the positive outcomes? The tests is aimed to assess the practical knowledge and the ability to use in efficient manner the IT tools and Microsoft Office applications.

We cover strategies on how to tackle such question type and offer useful tips to enhance time efficiency. Claim or contact us about this channel.

Physical education and ICT technology use in Europe. Implementing public procurement rules at local and regional level: The right option should be selected.

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AD 6 Job type: Contact us about this article. This minute webcast will start at Seconded national expert — Gender-based violence Employer: Contact us any time!

epso case study webinar

For the AD5 generalists, there is no testing of such knowledge at least not this year.