Back Off — This is often the most difficult step for parents. For example, unpacking and repacking the backpack, planning out the homework time, etc. I wish that my students and parents could read these tips too. Virginia Caron rated it really liked it Oct 09, I had many different kids, personalities, habits etc.

Kids feel time pressure, too. Being smart is no get-out-of-work free card. Natalie Rathvon No preview available – Actually read the website and newsletter, if they exist. Routine is the key to conquering bad homework habits, which is what most homework hassle boils down to. That said, some of the Rosemond has some points which remain relevant nearly three decades later. Sep 05, Ann rated it really liked it.

11 Tips for Ending the Homework Battle – Gifted Guru

Angie Eppes rated it it was amazing Jan 08, Before homework is begun, have the child figure out what value and purpose is available in the assignment.

I write about this more deeply in my book. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Rosemond has some points which remain relevant nearly three decades later. Sep 22, Ashley Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just need to follow through. Back Off This is natural consequence on steroids.


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I know, I know. Autonomy- To be self-governing, to stand on your own two feet. Let them do it and be responsible for it. Rosemond s weekly syndicated parenting column now appears in some newspapers, and he has written 15 best-selling books jon parenting and the family. Allow time in the schedule Kids feel time pressure, too.

It is fully the child’s responsibility and should not be a nightly battle. I bought this during my time as a case manager for 5th and 6th grade students.

Upon acceptance, he gave the commencement address John Rosemond has worked with families, children, and parents since in the field of family psychology. Removing the pushback can allow the child to feel less backed into a corner.

ending homework hassle john rosemond

Begin by telling your child how capable you know they are. Despite the fights, parents often believe that this scenario is the only possible option for helping their children succeed.

ending homework hassle john rosemond

Being smart is no get-out-of-work free card. What happens if you throw gifted in the mix, just for fun? Return to Book Page.

Ending the Homework Hassle

Natalie Rathvon No preview available – Account Options Sign in. What is really going on, cop-outs aside? I did not care for the teacher check-off he suggested- as a teacher myself, I would not appreciate a middle school student handing me a sheet to sign homewoek he had written down his homework. I truly hope I have it in me to stick to this plan.


Ending the Homework Hassle

Nov 10, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: Perhaps, you rosemon times in your own childhood where you sat at the kitchen table while your own mother was cooking and testing you on roxemond spelling words and all was good and lovely.

Make sure everyone is happy and calm before bringing this up unless you need more drama in your life. He and his wife of 39 years, Willie, have two grown children and six well-behaved grandchildren.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Character development is my primary reason for homeschooling, so I found this to be a fantastic outline. Rosemond offers a detailed list of seven values John Rosemond is fantastic, isn’t he?

Discover them by asking respectful questions.