Am I good at accepting criticism? Did u have three classes a day? Thank you for all the laughs and the goodbye goodie bags. Wow is all I can say. I rushed to the computer lab and was once again impressed as Sofia showed up a full ten minutes before class. The Captain is honestly really, really awesome according to me.

After the open mic there was a small dance party thing but Ren and I headed to Tatum instead and I got an iced mocha which she got matcha. Alex Mack is a Los Angeles based veteran and writer. But I did want to spend as much time with my friends as possible. I must have gotten a little too comfy because next thing I realized it was 8: These might include creating a play, writing group poems, or working together to tell stories from their lives. Phinny called my name and cue thunderous applause. I was so happy and proud and for a split second I felt like a famous author as people were shoving their books in front of me.

Supriya was literally dying at my high school story because she attends the same school as me and cssa led to a discussion of teachers. On her floor I met Xiomara and she said she was about to leave. Something felt so gentle about that moment, which only made it more melancholy.

CSSSA Experience

CSSSA is one of the most free, creative environments a young artists can experience. She is the author of Apologia, a collection of poetry excerpted in various ecperience and online journals. One of those people was Zeke and everyone was laughing as they heard about my first day of high school. How can one learn creative writing? Crime Writing Electivefeat. And for making sure that students never went hungry.


csssa creative writing experience

Related Questions Can creative writing be taught? Too bad I swiped my card to then see there was only beef or shrimp. We did six plays I think today and we have the final five tomorrow.

We were only allowed ten minutes dxperience we had to go back to the classroom.

my csssa experience

If you’re looking for inner self-discovery and lots of friends and connections, go for creative writing. I may have also gotten just a plain ice cream. Like what if I’m not good enough or I can’t keep up with the work and they’re like: Minke and Sofia – For being the best roommates one could possibly have and even better friends. The California State Summer School of the Arts hosts hundreds of students each summer for a month-long college experience. Am I good at accepting criticism?

I want to learn a lot, yes, but at the same time, I want to make friends and enjoy the atmosphere and not be stressed out since it’s my summer break.


csssa creative writing experience

Every week students will work together on group projects. My script was done and the only bit of writing left was my nonfiction piece. Try it today and see for yourself.

I was about to walk away when he laughed and handed me a bowl of French fries. The only difficulties I faced were adjusting to the fact that I was rarely alone and that I had wrihing share a bathroom with eight other girls. Are boys and girls all friends or does it get divided?

CSSSA Experience

Length doesn’t tend to be an issue in core classes. And also what they wear for the performance. All of those are so hard. Being a calfornia arts scholar for creative writing is very applicable whereas if I had picked, say, dance lol I would look like a limber, albeit clueless, person. I sriting a final good edit. We went over our homework of the one page scene of someone hiding information from another person. Special shout out to RAs Kay and Ramona as well. But not so much in the dance dept when I went.

I woke up at 7: