First, those that focus on an individual case, involving detailed exploration of either a person or an organisation. Creating a Great Case Study. If you are thinking of using a case study design for your dissertation or thesis, consider carefully whether it truly captures what you are trying to achieve with your research. This definition is important in this paper because it provides a framework for considering case study design in relation to Clubhouse research. Critical appraisal skills program. University of Reading 1 1 ,

For instance, a researcher may ask the reason as to why a student uses an inferencing strategy in reading Zaidah, University of Reading 1 1 , Psychosocial Clubhouses serve some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in society. Acknowledgements There was no funding source and there are nil applicable funding or acknowledgements for this discussion paper outside of the authors contributions. Sleeters research helped to indentify and address some important issues within the realm of education, and specifically addressed the challenges and biases that these teachers hold when developing curriculum for the students. In cases where there are no other cases available for replication, the researcher can adopt the single-case design.

As mentioned previously, such a focus on theoretical concepts was exemplified in a case study by Cowell et al. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 20 1 Competing interests The authors report no conflicts of interest.

reearch In common with qualitative research approaches such as ethnography, an emphasis on studying phenomena in its natural context means case study design incorporates the perspectives of participants who may come from vulnerable and voiceless groups in society [ 26 ].

First, case studies are often accused of lack of rigour.

How to do case study research. The history of community mental health treatment and rehabilitation for persons with severe mental illness. For example when evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention, a Randomised Controlled Trial RCT caze regarded as providing the most cawe evidence [ 33 ].


Zeitschrift Fur Gerontologie Und Geriatrie 39 3: Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The social-interaction theory, on the other hand, suggests that overlapping professional network causes researchers and users to communicate frequently with each other.

In contrast, instrumental design refers to those case studies that seek to elucidate phenomena and test or strengthen theory.

case study as a research method zaidah

For instance, research on dyslexic children with reading problems requires a number of replication that can be linked to a theory before conclusive results are generalised. This would contrast with experiment, for instance, which deliberately isolates a phenomenon from its context, focusing on a limited number of variables Zaidah, Degrees of freedom and the sudy study.

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To encourage empowerment and guard against any potential harm to participants the Clubhouse model has a strong commitment to the co-production of research with members regularly encouraged to ask questions and share points of view [ 45 ]. Journal of Sgudy and Practice 7 19, Does the scientific evidence support the recovery model? A case study might be interested, for example, in the process by which a subject comprehends an authentic text.

The art of case study research: As health science continues to evolve, case study design can provide a flexible framework for exploring the complex challenges presented by multidimensional mental health services like Clubhouses. If there is enough time left, they are also allowed to collect relevant information that supports their solution.

case study as a research method zaidah

In addition, there are also othersareas that have used case study methods extensively, particularly in government, managementsand in education. As well, working with a.


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Despite aw, researching the complex nature of these services has proved challenging [ 910 ]. Building on these activities, Clubhouse programs referred to as Transitional Employment Programs TEP are then tailored to support members who decide to seek work in the competitive job market [ 6 ]. As studyy, case study approaches to research are well suited to the Clubhouse environment.

By replicating the case through pattern-matching, a technique linking several pieces of information from the same case to some theoretical proposition Campbell,multiple-case design enhances and supports the previous results.

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Support Center Q Center. This paper provides an overview of the usefulness of case study designs for Clubhouse researchers; and reseacrh ways in which the evaluation of Clubhouse models can be facilitated. In an intrinsic case study, a researcher examines the case for its own sake. Pernice-Duca F, Onaga E. The comprehension strategies of second language readers – Block – Show Context Citation Context Using multiple data sources, the paper provided a rich description of the theoretical orientation, history, facilities, staff, volunteers, membership and programs available [ 22 ].

case study as a research method zaidah

For instance, studies on child language development can be conducted using this longitudinal case study method.

Eesearch of freedom and the case study. Degrees of freedom and the case study.