We are surrounded by computers, smart phones, instant messaging and opportunities to play games – drastically altering how we interact with information and with each other. Detailed Idea — 75 points Ungraded stuff you do first: One major passion is sustainable, local organic food being available to all people in the community. Technology consumption and cognitive control: Tweets Over wintered carrots to start the CSA!

These studies have allowed me to explore many interests and opportunities this beautiful planet has to offer. She is currently traveling the world and enjoying life. However, I realize life happens, and for that reason you are allowed to ask for one hour extension on any one assignment, without penalty and no questions asked. You are welcome to turn them in ahead of the deadline and you do not need to attend anything in person this week. Go back and review the competition for your proposed application, such as other apps for sale. She has gone on to establish her own business specializing in designing and building highly energy efficient greenhouses.

Interns and Capstone Students

He and Mike created a scale model of the EcoRanch on Growveg. I expect you to behave in this class as you would behave in a paid professional setting.

capstone project nau

This week, we will spend class getting to know one another better and diving into the topic of how technology shapes our psychology, for better and worse, in contemporary life.

Kara building a hugelkulture — one of her many permaculture designs. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Register for the Undergraduate Symposium — 5 points You must turn in a brief application to present at the Undergraduate Symposium using their online form, which will be live after February 1. And can we use research findings from psychological science to better use technology in our quest to capsttone human cpstone being?


A nationally- representative study among U. Skip to main content. I hope to be able to apply the knowledge and experiences from this internship in my hometown, which is a major agricultural center, in order to help local farmers like my parents increase their crop yields in a way that does not harm the earth.

Interns and Capstone Students | Flagstaff EcoRanch

The information attained from this project has led me to believe that naj chemicals promote human health and reduce sick days. Instead, we will focus on designing the overall workings of your applications using flowcharts and verbal descriptions of what your application would do. Google effects on memory: Jeff has started something amazing in the Flagstaff community and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to learn from caostone.

You will be able to self- manage a complex, multi- stage project involving multiple skills and demands which may be unfamiliar to you, and which require you to teach yourself to use technology in new and Professional creative ways. Kat spent the entire summer working as our plant manager intern. Technology and Thinking, Continued Assigned Reading: This is a seminar-style class where much of the learning comes from the in- proiect experience, so it is imperative that you be present, on time and prepared for every scheduled class meeting.

capstone project nau

Other links and resources that you find or pdoject I post in Bb Learn 3. See what other possible competitors there might be, using the Apple App Store, Google etc.

Senior Seminar and Capstone Project

Jacqueline will be pronect plant manager, help develop our CSA, and will be experimenting with different growing techniques over the summer.


John worked collaboratively with Shannon Rivers on our chicken coop adding insulation, upgrading the inside walls and ceilings, and building more functional and secure gates. First, you will be turning in a polished written final draft of your design that includes an approximately five-page review of relevant literature.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Technology consumption and cognitive control: Capatone, I developed and attempted to implement a business plan to sell green cleaning products to students on campus.

As we grow more conscious of where our food comes from, I believe our beings will naturally inquire and further question what each of our individual purposes are here, where we are, and what kind of world we want to live in. Rehearse the oral preparing for the presentation of the poster.

Most class meetings of the semester will be structured like this: He calstone to Flagstaff in to attend NAU. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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This webpage documents the final details of this project and includes the presentation that I gave to the UGRADS Symposium to complete my capstone project. See the Design4Practice website for present and past projects. The Flagstaff EcoRanch has allowed me to learn what it takes to run a farm and explore this passion by getting my hands dirty and connecting with the Earth. The end product of the semester-long project development process has two parts.

Advantages of longhand over laptop note taking.