Willingham said he was asleep in the home when the fire started and always maintained his innocence. It was 2 days before Christmas It was revealed that the Texas officials did not really pay attention to this evidence that would have stopped the execution. Arts Oct 19, 4: Indeed, the report concludes there was no evidence to determine that the December fire was even set, and it leaves open the possibility the blaze that killed three children was an accident and there was no crime at all — the same findings found in a Chicago Tribune investigation of the case published in December

It was discovered that the fire was caused by a type of liquid accelerant Clarke, Craig Beyler and believed that the prosecutors did not really establish their arguments in solid and reliable facts. Along with the Willingham case, the Innocence Project submitted information about another arson case in Texas where identical evidence was used to send another man to death row. The Texas Forensic Science Commission issued its report on the convictions of Cameron Todd Willingham and Ernest Willis on April 15, recommending more education and training for fire investigators and implementing procedures to review old cases the commission issued an addendum to the report on October 28, Then, in the rest of the essay, Grann raises grave doubts about that evidence. The application was denied on February 17, Thank you for your Comment.

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Months after Willingham was executed, the Chicago Tribune published an investigative report that raised questions about the forensic analysis. Direct Appeal Willingham v. On October 28,the commission issued the report addendum.

cameron todd willingham essay

Supreme Court refused to review his case. Chicago Tribune “Cameron Todd Willingham case: The state filed an answer and motion for summary judgment on July 1,and filed a supplemental answer on October 15, Arts Poetry Now Read This.


Your IP is being rate limited by Twitter. Video edited by Lauren Knapp. Palos said there were 11, 1-gallon jugs of ezsay involved in that fire. The most distressing thing is the state of Texas will kill an innocent man and doesn’t care they’re making a mistake.

David Grann’s article on Todd Willingham was the “most powerful essay” of 2009

According to his testimony, Willingham fits the profile of a sociopath whose conduct becomes more violent over time, and who lacks a conscience. The eyes of Corsicana, Texas, sharply turn against Willingham when authorities rule that the fire was arson.

StateS. Politics May 22 Report: It was while the fire department was in the mop-up stages of that North 36th Street fire that firefighters got the call to go to the Willingham fire in the block of West 11th Avenue.

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After the death of Willingham through capital punishment, there had always been questions regarding how reliable the evidence that was used in order to convict Willingham.

Then, in the rest of the essay, Grann willinggam grave doubts about that evidence. He was convicted based on the testimony of forensic experts who said they had determined that the fire was intentionally set and a jailhouse informant who said Willingham had confessed to him. In November, the U. Aside willongham this, the acceptance of the testimony of a fellow prisoner was controversial because this was a confession that was not really proven to be true Williams, He camwron claimed his innocence, and the arson investigation used to convict him was questioned by leading experts before Willingham was executed.


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Willingham, who was asleep when the fire ewsay, survived. Texas Moratorium Network TMN is a non-profit organization with the primary goal of mobilizing statewide support for a moratorium on executions in Texas.

cameron todd willingham essay

And, in my opinion, the children were just an impediment to his lifestyle. James Grigson testified for the state at punishment.

‘Death by Fire’: Was Cameron Todd Willingham Wrongfully Executed?

The Court of Criminal Appeals denied the writ of habeas corpus on the findings of the trial court. According to autopsy reports, Amber, age two, and twins Karmon and Kameron, age 1, died of acute carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of smoke inhalation. The application was denied on February 17, Share this story Help us advocate for the innocent by sharing the latest news from the Innocence Project. Trump says he refuses to work with Democrats while they investigate him.

Dallas Morning News Blog: He expressed his opinion that an individual demonstrating this type of behavior can not be rehabilitated in any manner, and that such a person certainly poses a continuing threat to society. Jailhouse snitches are viewed with skepticism in the justice system, so much so that some jurisdictions have restrictions against their use.