The main focus of the EEE Dept. The way he describes things are just splendid. Who are the best teachers of BUET? He was the friendliest teachers back then, helped us in our coursework, lab projects, and arranging extra-curricular activities as well. He was a true legend. He did not bother about the attendance but most students attended his class any way. You dismissed this ad.

It can be compared with doing phd for 1 year. He was amazing and very dutiful. Academic activities including term projects, undergraduate thesis and research publications of the students of Department of EEE, BUET are archived in this platform, with a vision that sharing of knowledge and experience will help the department grow in excellence. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Keywords example- Elastography, Ultrasound strain imaging. Video Link upload video in youtube, set public share and paste the link here. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

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Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, abbreviated as BUET, is one of the most prestigious institutions for higher studies in the country. He tries his best to make things easy and funny for us. As he was the first teacher of our departmental course, we had acquired a great experience with him. She really works hard for her students. He has made the tough topics easy and understandable for us. He is a great researcher as well, all my friends who worked with him have got nothing but high praise!


He has passed away recently, may Allah grant him heaven. The price Amazon shows isn’t always the lowest. I am naming them together as they all joined the faculty together and brought a lot of class to the department. The whole experience is awesome, because I am in a research group and working with practical data; which has impact in real life. Enamul Basher sirhe is one of those few teachers who can actually explain the buett contents in an easy and understandable way.

He is one of those rare teachers from whom even the dullest person like me can learn something. Anyone looking for a thesis supervisor who theiss give you freedom and flexibility, should definitely consider her.

I did not get some senior teachers in my courses, so could not mention them. And in that term we also had Dr. Every year the intake of undergraduate students is aroundwhile the intake of graduate students in Masters and PhD programs is around tnesis She actually tgesis us to complete the entire topics in the class.

In that term we also had Dr. It can be compared with doing phd for 1 year. Keywords example- Elastography, Ultrasound strain imaging.

Sajjad Hossain | Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology –

She is such an aspiring teacher, she was so dedicated and sincere! He has tbesis of the finest conceptual base.


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The tough things have become budt easy for us because of him. Contact Details Phone no, Email address, etc This email address is being protected from spambots.

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He is also dedicated, student friendly, explains stuffs in the easiest possible way, and tries to help students as much as he can. Not only his way of delivering lecture, he could make the topics crystal clear. At present, BUET has sixteen teaching departments under five faculties and it has three institutes. Report Link upload project report in google docs, set public share and paste the link here.

Last but not least – Dr. Still, I did not want to differentiate among my teachers at first, but here is an incomplete list.

buet eee thesis

She tried to cover all the concepts at classroom. He is very friendly and helpful.

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Nowtalking about 3—2starting with theory classes, I have to talk about Ayaz Masud sirwith his loud voice and thesi clear pronunciationeven the students seating in last bench could hear what he was saying.

I only wish I had more coursework with them!

buet eee thesis

Who are the best teachers of BUET?