CIMB report, The company is one of the first to deviate from the traditional bakery standards byintroducing see through glass windows to display its bread making process and kitchen. Indian and Chinese customers have different culture in lifestyle, and have different opinions and needs on the current products offered. By looking at their wearing, I can see they are from the middle-income group. The suppliers are not able to blotch up their goods radically as most of the customers more often than not, acquire in huge quantities. He is assisted by the senior management, most of whom have more than nine years of experience in the food and beverage or retail industries.

Breadtalk presently offers over varieties of breads, buns, pastries and cakes. Breadtalk faces some minor weaknesses like, over-reliance on the bakery sector, over-reliance on the Singapore region; their product offerings are easily imitated, there is limited control of flour since it is obtained from third party sources Coyle, Literature Review Dissertation chapter: On the other hand, in the current time, Breadtalk tries to expand this by increasing profitability in the industry of baking. Customer can use the stamp to exchange for benefits.

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These rivals offer very similar products and are priced at around the same. SWOT analysis on Breadtalk Strengths Unique Concept and Branding The Breadtalk concept is unique and innovative and this distinguishes the brand from traditional bakeries in the market. Today, BreadTalk has become a distinctive household brand owner that has established its mark on the world stage with its bakery, restaurant and breadtlak atrium footprints.


Breadtalk Ltd aims to endeavor for modernism and creating idiosyncratic flavors to the civic and a dream of being a global brand name. BreadTalk will have to compete will others company Inflation Due to inflation, prices of ingredients increase. BreadTalk can also come up with membership card like Prima Deli, to provide discount to the customers. Breadtalk penetrates into the markets of other Asian continent countries, societal factors come into consideration.

Let us create the best one for you! Indian and Chinese customers have different culture in lifestyle, and have different opinions and needs on the current products offered. Free essay samples Essays Breadtalk. Breadtalk recognizes that customers anapysis varied needs and changing tastes, and offers a wide variety of products at retail outlets to ensure customer satisfaction.

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As part of Breadtalk’s unique concept, the layout of retail outlets are designed such that customers have a clear view of bakery items on display. With their constantly effort in developing new products, BreadTalk is able to distinguish themselves from the public. Wide Range of Target Market BreadTalk have a wide range of target market as everyone from young to old eats bread.

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Home Management Strategic Management report for Breadtalk. To get a unique essay Hire Writer. In addition, it also has 33 food courts and 8 restaurants which are supported by over staff worldwide Bamburg, And Singapore stand half the sales Page 1 of 4.

breadtalk swot analysis essay

Breadtalk 9 September All of the above rise in cost will inevitably hurt BreadTalk margin or their customer in the near future. Careful and decisive considerations are needed to enhance their core competencies and their sustainable level.


Bread Society — http: Political factor constitutes all legal fundamentals like breadgalk, legislation, deregulation philosophies and labor training Anthony, And most of the outlets are located in family-base mall like Jurong Point and Tampines Mall, so that they can target the family market.

By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and breadtalm policy. Eric from Graduateway Hi there, would you like to get an essay? These countries have lesser competitor and may have higher demand, thus it stabilize brand name.

We will write a custom essay sample on. With the strong relationship management and professional expertise in the local, it has help BreadTalk to successfully expand their business in 16 different countries. These bakery shop sell similar products, but in a lower prices. We conclude that important decisions have to be made at the business and corporate level which will eventually amend their operation locally and abroad. These competitors offer analogous products but at a highly competitive prices.

At Breadtalk, they know seot they need to blend into any type of environment in order to be zwot.

Strategic Management report for Breadtalk

Swot Analysis Of Breadtalk. By this way, I will create loyal customer base and increase demand of BreadTalk products.

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