Brilliance – a town lighting scheme that aims to encourage visitors to explore the town centre further at night and day. The Tower opened in The expansion of package holidays and cheaper flights, in addition to more competing destinations. The town caters for more visitors than any other UK resort. All recent searches will be deleted. Reasons for its growth as a tourist destination:

Take a look at our interactive learning Flashcards about Tourism- Blackpool Case Study, or create your own Flashcards using our free cloud based Flashcard maker and mobile apps. Possible political conferences, concerts and shows. Visitor numbers fell from 17 million to 11 million in Blackpool’s summer weather is unreliable and a disadvantage deterring visitors. Many of the visitors to Blackpool have limited disposable income and the jobs generated are typified by low pay and short term contracts. The strategies put in place were very effective to cope with the increased number of visitors.

New land has been built to provide areas for shows and events. The town zoo was improved and a sea life centre was built to attract families.

A century of change in Blackpool. If you continue browsing the …. People are changing to self catering and buying time shares or holiday homes abroad. They must also offer visitors high quality experiences, opportunities to stay longer, experience more and increase their spending. Saturday, 2 January Blackpool Case Study.


blackpool tourism case study gcse geography

In the 19th Century people went to Blackpool to visit its 7 mile beach. Visitor numbers grew from about 3 million to 8 million. Blackpool hosted 3 piers and many indoor entertainment complexes.

blackpool tourism case study gcse geography

The development of the railway in the 19th century allowed factory workers from industrial towns to take day trips to the resort. The demise of tourism in Blackpool As wealth continued to increase, huge competition with cheap overseas package holidays saw a decrease in tourism in Blackpool.

In the 19th Century, Blackpool became a major tourist destination to serve caze inhabitants of the Northern industrial towns. Many visitors preferred to go abroad as hot weather was guaranteed and they wanted to experience a new and different culture.

Tourist resorts – Blackpool

Possible political conferences, concerts and shows. Like many xase British Holiday resorts think Whitley Bay Blackpool suffered a decline in tourist numbers. There are nearly 91, bed spaces with the majority in small guesthouses. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. The conferences create jobs and bring important income into Blackpool’s hotels, bed and breakfasts and other businesses, which extends outside the summer season. In the railway was built, cutting gce costs and time. In the tpurism workers were given annual holidays.


Rejuvination Strategies were developed by the local authorities to improve the resort’s image and to halt the resort’s decline. Sign up to Comment. Blackpool is dominated by the tourist industry. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Blackpool’s population rose to about 14, during this period. This area has been pedestrianised and new planting, paving and lighting has been added.

Blackpool – Case Study. The Pleasure Beach, a theme park.

Reasons for the decline: Strategies to feography with the impact of large numbers or tourists: Blackpool case study UK National Parks. Houndshill Shopping Centre – this has been redeveloped to improve shopping in the town centre.

Antarctica – Case Study.

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People currently go to Blackpool for a range of reasons. Cotton Tree Lodge – Case Study. Many of the visitors to Blackpool have limited disposable income and the jobs generated are typified by low pay and short term contracts.