Prev 1 of 2 Next. For Galatis, the notion of paying someone else to manage your online reputation is fast becoming a thing of the past. When it comes to managing difficult change, you need a KPI that you can reliably measure. We started chatting to RMIH, who were aligned to our thinking. A R60 spatula was recently delivered to Kuruman in the Northern Cape. Website A tab on the Yuppiechef website dedicated to “Communities” clearly reflects the company’s dedication to interaction with their fans.

There are a handful of icons that owns a topic due to the consistent use of these ions in a specific context. Is the user presented with forgiving formatting for information? Gillian and Darryl Meiring. Each of the 10 evaluation criteria has been assigned 3 usability rules that support and drive the specific outcome for the heuristic this number is not set, it can vary. Is the user presented with ambient information for quick actions? Are all forms easy to understand and effortless to fill in?

yuppiechef case study

Report The visual representation, together with a detailed breakdown of the outcomes will give a clear indication of where the major pain points within the studu of the website are and will give guidance on what to address.

Getting buyers and sellers of the magazine to embrace the AutoTrader website required hard work. Posted on 16 Sep Funding Growth with Dov Girnun The price of equity Girnun is referring to the investment lesson that equity is cheap early on, and very expensive later, when a funder holds more shares of your business than you do. This is done by clever tactics aimed sfudy engaging people and providing content that goes beyond just promoting their products.


yuppiechef case study

Is the user presented with shortcuts to cwse goals? A digital experience that mimics real life actions and behaviours makes the the online experience more enjoyable. The recipes shared come straight out of the in-house test kitchen, and Spatula also comprehensively lists places that offer cooking classes, encouraging yuppiefhef to be active within the “foodie” community that Yuppiechef has created.

The team selected Soil for Life, a charity that teaches rural communities how to plant their own fresh produce. Does the online experience replicate the familiarity of offline actions and behaviour?

Heuristic analysis of — a UX case study

The breadcrumb trail ensures that the user is always aware of where they are within their journey on the website and the progress tracker within the checkout journey clearly shows the user what is needed to complete the transactions and where they are within the flow. Schultz was trying to create a coffee culture where none existed. The user has the studh to contact Yuppiechef through a range of other channels, both online and offline.

Protecting the culture Being tolerant of failure, however, does not mean the same thing as indulging bad behaviour.

The people who were managing the company — who were all good people — were measuring and rewarding the wrong things. So who’s drinking the dash? The Help centre is easily accessible from the top navigation and is easy to use. Yuppiechet believes that his big mistake was not selecting a successor from within the culture. You must be logged in to post a comment Login Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Merchant Capital What they do: Schultz, ypupiechef see, refused to talk like a proper capitalist. Hello, I found this information for you: A typical visit lasts 12 minutes, and we believe this is because our site is easy to use. Yuppiechef has used social networks as a platform to engage with its customers and create a community of sorts, says Galatis.


Yuppiechef: Paul Galatsis, Andrew Smith and Shane Dryden

This is set to double in four years. From the level of compliance for the usability rules, a score is allocated for each of the 10 heuristics.

yuppiechef case study

We’ve all heard about Yuppiechef and some have even purchased from the site, but just how did it get so prominent? These are no small industry players. SA consumers felt the best customer service came from: Company Posts 4 weeks ago. There seems to be no design standard for call to actions on the yuppiechef website.

Spending money on employees According to Schultz, the management teams of most large companies would be horrified to discover the amount of time and money spent on Starbucks employees. We started chatting to RMIH, who were aligned to our thinking. Is there a consistent design standard for form controls?

Is the user interface design simple and easy to understand? By the late s there were 11 Starbucks stores that employed about people. Why storytelling is so crucial in marketing By Chanelle Segerius-Bruce.