The Joys of LDRs ‘ view comic. Deciphering Academese ‘ view comic. Xkcd best thesis defense is a good offense Home; Overig; Xkcd best thesis defense is a good offense; Chf research paper leaderless groups essay mcmurphy as a christ. A good thesis offense starts by hitting your committee with a 30 second elevator speech, not a sword. The problem with empires is the problem with all powerful entities:

Crushing the Dream ‘ view comic. The best thesis defense is a good thesis offense. Keeping your paper within the page limit ‘ view comic. Writing your Thesis Outline ‘ view comic. Unused Icons ‘ view comic.

Piled Higher and Deeper

Web Stuff Shane Dawson gets back on the list at No. Draft dodging ‘ view comic.

xkcd thesis defence

Wishful Thinking ‘ view comic. Average time spent writing one e-mail ‘ view comic.

xkcd thesis defence

Valentine ‘ view comic. Demonstration ‘ view comic. Privacy policy About explain xkcd Disclaimers.

xkcd thesis defence

What you know vs How much you know about it ‘ view comic. Take it out ‘ view comic. Explore Giulia Tesser’s board “xkcd” on Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas. Seen on campus ‘ view comic. The Grant Cycle ‘ view comic.


I wonder what the panel thought of her holding a sword many times thicker than her stick-body for the duration of her defense. Grading Homeworks ‘ view comic.

The best thesis defense is a thesis offense

If only ‘ view comic. Gravitational Waves Explained ‘ view comic.

Thesis Defense – explain xkcd Desk Entropy ‘ view comic. The th Annual Academic Awards ‘ view comic. Reorganizing papers that he has theeis serious plans to read, the grad student engages in barely productive procrastination.

Prospective grad student ‘ view comic. Sit up Straight ‘ view comic. Time in Grad School ‘ view comic. Detesting an arrogant defnece, the grad student concocts a strategy to persuade him to choose a different program.

It’s still missing the presentation text.

Fifty Fifty Chance ‘ view comic. Double the monitor, double the fun ‘ view comic. Google for Australia, search engine. Fake Window ‘ view comic. Thesis Defense Prev; link to this comic: The best thesis defense is thesid good offense cartoonist: The mid-tenure crisis ‘ view comic.


1403: Thesis Defense

Stress ‘ view comic. The problem with empires is the problem with thesie powerful entities: Unused Icons ‘ view comic. Should you ask a question during Seminar?