Then use the class slides and your notes to answer the questions cited below. Figure 6 represents the variation of the average question popularity with the growing of the question response time. It covers a range of popular topics, including subcategories. Here, in Figure 7 , user represents the asker. This would allow a network of information that only employees could access and share information across.

It also indicates that the users with higher level usually tend to publish popular information or topics. These changing circumstances also allowed for more subscriber participation in the creation and design process. Once the proper content is located, the aforementioned production system would enable the fabrication of products for either live distribution via WNZ cable or satellite channels or via WNZ content-streaming Web sites. Intranets also have high levels of security which is very beneficial. We released all the raw questions and the transformed feature representations used in our experiments in https: Second, series of studies focus on predicting popularity of news [11] , events [12] , views [13] , social images [14] , [15] , marketing messages [16] , landmarks [17] , [18] and question quality [10] etc. The curve demonstrates that the large amount of the training data is not necessarily needed for our proposed approach to achieve better performance.

We then introduce the 7 systems as follows:. Your email and username must be different from your student account. We try to explore the relation between the average question popularity and the question response time.

Without the ability to get news for free with the only incentive for paying being avoiding advertisements and some additional stories, costumers may be more likely to purchase subscriptions. As WNZ rode the emerging Internet wave, these changes in approach also led to a dramatically shift in the focus of the organization.


wnz media case study answers

However, to see the red boxes, only a small number of questions obtain the higher average question popularity. Examine the process of strategic management.

In response the leadership of WNZ decided to dramatically shift the focus of the organization and to ride the emerging Internet wave. Lerman [20] employed a mathematical model to describe the dynamics of the collaborative rating of the news quality by aswers the users social influence through their social networks.

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This is because that even the question caxe is highly related with each of the above features, it cannot be effectively modeled by any of the single category features.

Inspired by previous work on content quality estimation [2][23]we utilize question length to measure the question content quality.

WNZ accomplished this by involving consumers in the evolution of the company through encouraging customers to comment on most WNZ offerings and provide input for continuous improvement of what WNZ offered the public. Meanwhile, we also notice the length of the majority of questions belong to the range of 1 to The Iliad by Homer. Hence, the average question popularity in length 10 equals to A travel guidance system by automatic landmark ranking.

Each column represents the performance changes in percentage by removing the corresponding feature. For each information requirement you identified in Column 2 of Question 1, explain what types of application software would most effectively enable the management of these The curve demonstrates that the large amount of the training data is not necessarily needed for our proposed approach to achieve better performance.

Hence, the asker popularity factor can provide the prior knowledge for question popularity prediction. In a posterior analysis, we find that there are mainly two kinds of misclassification cases. Next, we examined the question prediction results by using our proposed supervised machine learning approach. We can observe that the average question popularity varies consistently with the length of questions. M1 was shown to be more effective than the individual base learners [25][26]such as C4.


The mains strategic benefit to having an information only site without any online selling is that it would increase the number of paying subscribers that the company would have.

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Question Popularity Analysis and Prediction in Community Question Answering Services

Production locations around the world would also benefit from the seamless sharing of these digital archives. Proceedings of the 20th international conference companion on World wide web. Associated information Requirements 1.

wnz media case study answers

This more personal approach would set WNZ apart from competitors by making their business more personal. Summarized, we can observe that the average question popularity increases stably with the growing of question submission time. User Stufy the level of the asker who submits the question. We then propose a supervised machine learning approach to model these factors for question popularity prediction.

wnz media case study answers

Table 4 shows the experimental results of the above 7 systems on the question popularity prediction task. For the -we can see that the feature contributes most, followed by the and features.