Applying for internships in constituency offices can be very fruitful, or working as a caseworker or organiser can be a stepping stone to Parliament for those who fancy relocating to London. Many people said that they would allow one or two small errors, but for more than that, you would need a very good reason to avoid automatic rejection. This is where you demonstrate you know what the job involves. MPs love this sort of thing! Out of the Parliamentary Assistant applicants, only 28 people mentioned the Plant Group. In addition, when you are applying to work for an MP, you have to show that you know about that MP and understand and are interested in their work. Order your CV in the most accessible way possible.

Here are some places to start: Good customer service skills is also required, — ability to deal with queries from all audiences in a helpful sympathetic manner. Telephone Conservative Central Office on The classification of your degree is not hugely important. In this case, Jane talked about the successful applicant drafting PQs and EDMs; preparing briefings; writing press releases; maintaining the website and managing correspondence.

If you have worked for an MP in any capacity, make sure you put that early on in your CV and covering letter.

w4mp cover letter

They are listed lettef in order of importance, but none should be ignored. You can do it. Throughout your CV and covering letter, the key is in demonstrating that you know what the job entails, that you have the right qualities and that you can apply them with accuracy and enthusiasm.


What ideas would you like to pursue? This is so important. Of the 28 people who did mention it, 13 were offered interviews.

Application Tips – w4mp

Work closely with the job specification and description set out in the advertisement. By User Gflores on en. Why you want to work as a Parliamentary Researcher: However, the majority of MPs know of W4MP and use it, as it is free and widely viewed by prospective candidates.

But when is an interest an interest? Skip to content Updated: It is not a hobby. Here are some places to start: More specifically, the key issue is whether you have ever worked, in a voluntary or paid capacity, for an MP.

You do not need to be humble.

Under the scheme, a cross-party panel of current parliamentary researchers and caseworkers gave candidates the real story on whether their application would get an interview, and why. Here is the ad: If you are not sure which MPs you might want to wmp for, do some research on individual MPs at this website: Working for an MP such as Jane Doe is a unique opportunity to be involved at the heart of the British public affairs.

Telephone Conservative Central Office on This may seem prohibitive to people who cannot afford to work for free, or for small amounts of remuneration, but it is the reality of gaining work for an MP. I have a deep and burning passion for ,etter and humbly request the opportunity to serve as your assistant. Everything on your application should be there because it is adding something. You might mention how you got involved, what policies attracted you, what you think the party can offer the country.


Parliamentary CV Scheme feedback: Application advice from staff

MPs will appreciate someone who has been proactive and organised enough to work while at university, but it is up to you not to let this swamp your application. Covfr high standard of written and spoken English is also extremely important. Personal details — name, address, phone number and email address.

w4mp cover letter

MPs love this sort of thing! Bear in mind, that once you have worked for an MP of a particular party, it will be very difficult to work for an MP of another party.

Creating a Winning CV & Cover Letter

Many CVs use the same space talking about their lifeguarding duties during the summer of as they do their recent 3 month internship in Westminster. If you took a gap year, note down where you travelled to, especially if it was to the developing world.

Do NOT use anything else. When writing leyter releases, speeches, PQs, EDMs and much else, the fewer words you use, the better your point will come across.

In press releases in particular, you will have to communicate in snappy, short sentences that non-specialists can easily understand — so keep your language in check.

w4mp cover letter

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