This collection includes a subset of theses submitted by graduates of the University of Waterloo as a partial requirement of a degree program at the Master’s or PhD level. You may access it by searching for this thesis on https: If you have any questions about this license, please contact copyright uwaterloo. It includes all electronically submitted theses. These deadlines represent the last possible date for each deadline processing.

You will be notified by email to your uwaterloo e-mail account check your SPAM. The Internet supports instantaneous communication and facilitates the sharing of ideas. Make sure to discuss your requirement to submit your thesis to UWSpace with your publisher. IST service desk Service desk information helpdesk uwaterloo. Alternatively use the UWSpace guide and the appropriate form to begin your deposit: Keep the following in mind Simmonds, Hugh Anthony University of Waterloo, International film festivals are clearly about something beyond the appreciation of cinema; they are forums for the collective exploration and celebration of films, showcasing the newest films, the exotic and forgotten Therefore, the student should plan ahead. Please follow the instructions on this guide under the submission guidelines.

Christine Jewell, University of Waterloo Library.

uwspace thesis submission

In order to provide identity protection, students must remove or block out all signatures within the work. Skip to main content. NOM is a complex mixture of organic compounds that are present in all natural waters and is mainly originating from plant and aquatic organism degradation products.

Having completed an upgrade in the repository software application, the Library is about to embark on an expansion of UWSpace to contain additional document types, including faculty research.

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Uwspace thesis submission This Guide is provided for UWaterloo graduate students who are preparing to submit their doctoral or masters thesis to UWSpace. Students should consult with their committee chair and members of their advisory committee to determine the textual arrangement and reference format of the dissertation or thesis. The final few months of a PhD can often be the hardest, so here are a few tips from a doctoral candidate who recently submitted her thesis submitting phd thesis but somehow every students now these days miss one or two things which can lead to delay in the submission of thesis.


Intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT is a commonly-used method of Students must hold the copyright for all material included in their work or provide documentation of permission to include the copyrighted material. Discuss the license you must sign, and the rights the University retains with your publisher before signing any publishing agreement.

You will be notified by email to your uwaterloo e-mail account check your SPAM. Revisions must be made and the updated thesis resubmitted to UWSpace for final approval. The Internet supports instantaneous communication and facilitates the sharing of ideas.

What types of research are currently accepted?

uwspace thesis submission

If you have any questions about this license, please contact copyright uwaterloo. To submit supplementary files such as multimedia or data files along with your thesis, you must follow the procedures below.

The panel recommended that doctoral scholarship and PDF programs be reinvigorated, and harmonized across the tri-councils to achieve more consistency. The University of Waterloo will only consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis prior to its publication in UWSpace.

Uwspace thesis submission

Graduate theses and dissertations. There were meetings with researchers at different career stages, 1, written submissions and roundtables in five cities Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Halifax. Once the thesis submission is approved, the student will receive a confirmation email. This is meant your degree completion and should not be your only point of reference. Submissions from external researchers will be accepted if they are produced in collaboration with a member of our designated community.


Detailed submission instructions can be found on the UWSpace website. Review the Thesis Defense and Submission Guide for step-by-step instructions and screenshots on the thesis defense and submission process.

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Electronic submission was optional from through Once the files have been combined, a window with this new PDF will open. Further, a selective form of autophagy, termed mitophagy, is used to uwsppace degrade mitochondria.

Driven by the profit incentive, commercial publishers need not hold optimal dissemination as a high priority.

uwspace thesis submission

Overall, this undertaking and its report — an impressive output in less than a year — is good news for Canadian research. If any revisions are required, the student will be contacted by email.

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Students do not need to submit a print copy of their dissertation or thesis to the library. Thesis Submission Information Request.

There is a lot to like here for the entire research community. Funding agencies typically require only gratis OA. UWSpace is the University of Waterloo’s institutional repository for the research and scholarship produced by its faculty, students, and staff.

Real-time applications leverage the hardware parallelism from