The copyright date is the year the thesis is accepted and submitted to UWSpace. Thesis formatting and submission requirements Current university requirements regarding formatting and submitting the thesis on UWSpace are available through the Graduate Studies Office. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure all electronic equipment is functioning properly prior to the defence and have a back-up plan should the connection fail. Please contact the unit finance officer for more details. However, students including works by other authors in their document, should obtain prior permission from the copyright holder. You cannot upload to UWSpace until you have obtained this e-mail. Student makes the necessary change to their thesis — Ideally, the student will complete any changes to their thesis within a month after their defence.

Due to the number of possible combinations of these factors, it is difficult to give precise guidelines, though some generalizations can be made. Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. Students must submit a copy of the thesis. Maintain consistency in the use of different typefaces for headings, footings, and titles. Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.

Thesis preparation

Your readers can have a soft copy of your thesis if they prefer this to a hard copy. Delegates are no longer accepted.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

This includes the title page. UWSpace may require you to make revisions to the formatting of your thesis, so check your UW e-mail regularly after you submit for any feedback they might send.

uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

After all of uwatrrloo revisions and changes have been made, your supervisor s needs to sign off on your final thesis at the bottom of the form. All requests to hold an examination during the blackout period must be approved by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies before they can be scheduled. You do not need to collect the display copy of your thesis from the Engineering Graduate Office.


uwaterloo thesis submission deadline

The physical document thesis, research paper, work term report, examination answer paper and such submitted to the University by a student submjssion the property of the University. The supervisor books the room, confirms audio-visual if required for the oral defence, and CC the Graduate Coordinator.

If the student should require more time, then they must contact the MGO.

I understand that my thesis may be made electronically available to the public. If no further extension is requested or approved, the thesis will be released in UWSpace. The University will not consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis following its deposit to UWSpace, unless a student’s interests e.

In many instances it will be advisable for supervisors to impose a more restrictive level of editing. Once the thesis submission is approved, the student will receive a confirmation email. These pages, if applicable, must appear as the last page of the front matter, immediately before the main body of the thesis Text main body – footnotes or endnotes may be included in the text.

Theses must be prepared and submitted as outlined below. Communication between the EE, student, and supervisor: Master’s theses can take various forms.

MASc and MArch degree completion

The blackout periods are as follows defences should not be scheduled during the last two weeks of August and the week before University of Waterloo closes for the Christmas break through to when it re-opens in January:. Best practice is that co-authors do not form the majority of the examining committee for doctoral theses or, the reading or examining committee for master’s theses. Once the thesis has been accepted by the department and Faculty, and all other requirements for the degree have been met, the student must provide the University with an electronic copy of their approved thesis as a final University degree requirement.


Order of items The organizational sequence must appear as follows: Restrictions The University will not consent to any restrictions being placed upon the circulation or availability of a thesis following its deposit to UWSpace, unless a student’s interests e. After reading your thesis, your readers will provide you with feedback and revisions.

Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. At least one month before you intend hhesis degree complete you will need to apply for graduation through Quest. The thesis itself becomes the property of the University but other concurrent forms of publication are allowed. Required The page number should not be displayed, however, the title page counts as page one in the tbesis numbering of pages.

If you have co-authored content as part of your thesis you will need to follow these guidelines.

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This must be done well in advance of the final submission. Graduate Studies Academic Calendar. Deadoine individual must provide a report should there be technical difficulties at least 10 days before the defence. The responsibility for graphic design and typesetting rests with the student. For Canadians, there are no formalities required to copyright original work.