Return to page content. Please also ask the Graduate Program Assistant for the Degree Completion Checklist – this list contains all of the steps that you will need to follow to complete your degree requirements. The distribution is as follows: Die-cutting is the process of a metal template or die set to punch a custom shape out of paper. Skip to global menu. Padding We have special padding glue for creating routing slip pads, memo pads and note pads. Email correspondence is also an acceptible form of permission, provided it takes into consideration all the points above.

Skip to secondary navigation. This copy should be letter-perfect: What you are handing out at this point is a version of your thesis that you think should not require revisions although this is rarely the case. The room is then cleared of all spectators and the candidate, while the committee confers and comes to a decision. The graduation fee will be applied directly to your tuition account. Please read over the instructions and character limits.

MSc and PhD oral defense

Do not contact the external examiner directly. Return to secondary navigation. You must confirm that it meets UVic’s thesis and dissertation guidelines and it may be easiest to use the UVic thesis template.

uvic thesis binding

Use the submission deadlines page to determine your timeline, and schedule your examination as early as possible to ensure that the maximum number of participants can attend in person. Return to page content. Lastly attach your original business card you downloaded earlier and we will pair the business card with the braille.

Please read over the instructions and character limits. The director will contact the external examiner on your behalf and confirm their availability to attend the examination on the specified date and time. Digital Storefront Please note that Printing Services has updated our online ordering site.


Bindery services – University of Victoria

Printing Services is proud to announce the arrival of our new digital press, the Xerox Versant The Graduate Program Assistant will prepare two forms and give them to your supervisor to take to the oral:. For more information see: Once your supervisor has approved your final version, follow the UVic Library instructions on how to upload it to UVicSpace. You must apply to graduate before the Graduate Admissions and Records Office can proceed with setting up your Oral Exam.

Some publishers permit documents to be held in campus repositories UVicSpacewhich means they do not need to be part of the embargoed collection. If you require a quote please download the printing requisition or wide format requisition fill out all required fields and email it to printing uvic.

Academic Bookbinding, Surrey, BC. July 15 for November convocation November 15 for June convocation and those completing in December February 15 for June convocation and those completing in April At this time, also pre-register for a UVicSpace account for digital submission of your final dissertation. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will send the external examiner a copy of the dissertation.

A standard pad has sheets.

Return to secondary navigation. Send the Graduate Program Assistant the most recent copy of your human research ethics approval or waiver certificate s — if applicable. Skip to page content. The external examiner has the first opportunity to ask questions, followed by the committee members, and finally the supervisor.

Skip to secondary navigation. All members of your supervisory committee must be available on the day of your exam. Whether you’re in the planning stages, preparing to defend or completing the submission process these pages will provide you with the information and resources you’ll need to ensure you’re successful each step of the way.


Department of Printing Services – University of Victoria

If you are planning to submit chapters tbesis your thesis for journal publication, please check with your potential publisher regarding their regulations on prior publication of the work. Padding We have special padding glue for creating routing slip pads, memo pads and note pads.

The following gives you a general ideal of tasks involved in scheduling the oral. Shrinkwrapping is an excellent and inexpensive way of packaging course materials that have been three-hole drilled or to keep tapes or CDs packaged with your manual. Simply type out your information on the business card of your choice, then download the PDF when completed. We can punch from one to three holes in any of your documents for easy insertion into binders thesiw folders.

It is the most commonly used form tjesis binding for course manuals and is very user-friendly.

UVic Libraries FAQs

However, if you’ve already applied, but know that you will not meet the requirements to graduate on time, notify the Graduate Admission and Records Office.

You cannot make changes to your dissertation after submitting it for examination. If the thesis includes reproductions of copyrighted images, including but not limited to, figures, drawings, paintings, photographs, logos, maps, diagrams, tablesor charts, then the author of the thesis must obtain written authorization from the copyright holder in order to include this material.

uvic thesis binding