Free essays on Philosophy available at, the largest free essay community. It does not only connect the societal ideology with the goals and objectives adoptable in education, it goes further to intermittently critique ideologies to ensure that such ideologies are worthwhile and fitting for society development. Nigerian Journal of Educational Philosophy, Below are the stated approach; 1. The conference under the auspices of the Nigerian Educational Research Council NERC was not only concerned with the curriculum development, the objectives of education, among others, but also with the task of reviewing the old national goals and identifying new ones Nwafor, The philosophy of education at that time came on board with the system of education, which was greeted by population explosion in student enrollment, especially at the primary school level, as the Universal Primary Education UPE was equally introduced, although there were many problems resulting from poor implementation of the programme because of lack of foresight, and ineffective planning. The Relevance of Philosophy of Education.

Most of these spaces are rented with a price. You can use this to pay‚Ķ. This lands much credence to the etymology of the word “philosophy”. Hence, there are some inconsistencies, contradictions and controversies over some of this ideas. Nigerian Journal of Educational Philosophy, 22, 1 –

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Reading ahead of your lecturers boost your performance in that course. Do you want to know how to create a strong paper about philosophy? Post a Comment Comments. The blue-print encapsulates the guidelineaims, need and aspirations of a given society which contains the tefm from which the educational guidelines were derived.


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From Socrates to Sartre: Heinemann Educational Books Nig. If you do these, the machine won’t be able to mark yopics sheet or give you your complete mark. And the development of the human resources cannot be devoid of education in all its ramifications. Contextually, the concepts of Education, Philosophy and Nexus philosophy and philosophy of education were articulated.

uniuyo gst term paper topics

A sociological and philosophical foundations of Gt. Most of these spaces are rented with a price. Akinpelu observes that a rationally planned educational system cannot afford to plan for universal coverage at the primary level without making corresponding plans for secondary and tertiary levels.

The conference did not ignore the function of education in preparing Nigerians for the task of living in the 20th century and beyond. Stirling Horden Publishers Nig. Most of the time past questions are repeated but will be a combination of different years.


If caught by any invigilator, you have carried over the course voluntarily.

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It concerns with what is, why, is, as well as man’s place in the universe of things. The yerm of these different areas of sciences are co-ordinated by philosophy, while philosophy of education interprets such findings as they bear on. Which is coined from two Greek words; philo Love and Sophia wisdom. According to Ezewu et al,”Three statements of belief about the role education emerged.

Relevance of Philosophy of Education to National Development.

uniuyo gst term paper topics

Post a Comment Comments. It makes him understand the rationale for accepting certain ideas in life and why he ought to accept them in the first place. Communicating with your creator gives you peace of mind.

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Though there is a lot or. Philosophy is a method of reflective and constructive thinking and reasoned inquiry.