If you do submit your ETD as a set of PDF files, however, you must include and test sufficient navigational links so that the reader can readily move from one file to another without having to close out one file in Acrobat and then open up the next PDF file. The camp provides a quiet, supporting environment for students at any stage in the process of writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Your document will not be accepted by the Graduate School if your 60 day deadline has passed and an extension has not been approved. Begin with page 1 and number consecutively. Once you have completed all requirements, all grades are posted, and you have submitted your Final Documents and required forms, your submission must be accepted before you can submit the Request for Degree Certification Letter. It is your responsibility to ensure that the ETD will display clearly and properly on a monitor when accessed, including working links so the ETD can be readily navigated whether it is composed of a single or multiple files , that the printed pdf version will be clear and legible including any figures or images , and that fonts have been properly embedded.

Additionally, it allows UMI to add their “archival information” page to dissertations. You should change the color of linked text within your document, create a box around linked text, or otherwise make sure that links are obvious. The camp provides a quiet, supporting environment for students at any stage in the process of writing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. It takes a minimum of business days to receive the letter; during peak times of the year it takes business days. So no matter what fonts someone else has on their computer, they’ll be able to see the file as you intended it to be seen.


A 1-inch margin is required on the top, bottom and right sides of all pages of the dissertation; a 1.

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Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Smithsonian Institute Fellowships – multiple categories. These are not permitted because w e cannot control the future availability of external files. Roman numerals must be used for the acknowledgment page and all pages following until the first page of the text.

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To make your ownership of the work clearer, The Graduate School now requires a copyright notice be placed centered at the bottom of the dissertation title page: Students should be first authors on any publications based on their dissertation work. Learn more about Research Suite and get a free account dissertatuon.

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Further, the student is free to register the copyright to diesertation dissertation. The registration link is below: To set your document to open with bookmarks revealed: If Fall semester officially ends December 15 thdiplomas would not be mailed until March 15 th at the earliest. The responses become part of the Doctoral Records File, a virtually complete data bank on doctorate recipients from to the present.

uky dissertation enhancement

Qualtrics sophisticated online survey software enhzncement make creating online surveys easy. University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Phone: Do not finalize a defense date with your committee before the outside examiner has been identified and has been consulted for their availability.

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They must be centered and must be consistent throughout the dissertation. Footnotes, bibliographic entries, long quoted passages, etc.

In order to register the dissertation copyright with the U. University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky Phone: This substantially improves navigation of your document. In the dialog box, choose the “open a file” option and enter the full name of the file in the space.


uky dissertation enhancement

Summer is right around the corner, and if you’re worried about your productivity level, the UK Graduate School has a solution for you! UK electronic theses and dissertations are available as a stand-alone database.

Remember, from p. ProQuest submission is now optional and must be initiated by the student directly to ProQuest.

With multimedia files, be sure that links exist within the document to access these files. A bibliography is a comprehensive ehnancement of all sources used in the preparation of a dissertation, whether those sources are cited or not.

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Graduate Student Life Summit Spring Please email completed form to grad. Your information is vital to future program development and funding.

It could take two to three business days for the corrections to be sent to you depending on the time of year and the snhancement of documents on which the office is currently working. They can also be accessed along with paper theses and dissertations via the library’s catalog. It’s not too late to sign up for the Writing Camp for this Summer. Because of the high visibility of an ETD we recommend that you place this copyright statement at several unobtrusive places in the body of the dissertation.