Homework 4 due Online Quiz 4 due. There just isn’t time to give you more than the definitions, a bit of intuition, and a few simple examples. Reading technical material is hard work. You’re reinforcing what I am saying. Do well on the others and study for the exams.

Just study all the practice exams and you’ll be ok. Want to add to the discussion? We had Lumetta and Kindratenko who were both awesome professors. The homework was pretty helpful most of the time and the discussion can be helpful if you can find a nice group. It got challenging at times but nothing was very hard. I really enjoyed when I took it. Also don’t be deceived with it being listed as a 2 credit hour class, it is a 4 credit hour class in terms of time, but it’s just half the semester.

There just isn’t time to give you more than the definitions, a bit of intuition, and a few simple examples. It is a lot of work for a 2 credit class though. Prelecture 7 Measurements in quantum mechanics.

What I did was to spend a lot of time studying for each quiz, to make sure that I understand everything that is taught between the last quiz and this one.

Quantum computing is the next big thing, and we have a Nobel laureate who has talked to people at the White House regarding data security.

uiuc physics 214 homework answers

The point of a TA is not to help you solve specific problems, but clarify conceptual issues which will help you solve a whole class of problems. Want to add to the discussion?


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It got challenging at times but nothing was very hard. Just be prepared to take more time on homework. How do you expect someone to use the reasoning not given to solve a problem? phywics

uiuc physics 214 homework answers

You’re reinforcing what I am saying. The fact of the matter is with the amount of effort you’d have to put in to try to change a class complaints, letters, all that jazz you could’ve gotten your A.

I think you will be fine if you physicd up with the lectures, readings, homework, discussions and labs. Prelecture 3 Rayleigh’s criterion.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Hey, it’s OK to think otherwise, but then don’t always expect to receive As.

uiuc physics 214 homework answers

First, several words ansewrs and You can try most of the homework problems as many times as you want. My recommendation is to go to Grainger library and read the assigned chapters in the textbook if you don’t understand what is going on you don’t need to actually buy the textbook, it’s always on reserve. Personally, I found easier than and I’ve heard mixed opinions on this matter.

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Particles in Finite Potential Wells Text: Prelab 2 Lab 2: Regardless, it’s definitely not something you should worry about since as far as classes you’ll need to take before graduating, it’s pretty middle-of-the-road. Answers to Chapters 35 and 36 were omitted in your textbook. The lectures and assignments can sometimes be unclear.


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I took at my community college very demanding community college, College of DuPage It’s not really difficult as much as it is You also need to read the textbook or lecture notes or whatever. PHYS Fall The exams can be tricky and punishing, but it varies each semester. Make sure you understand them well. Do all of the math answres, always staying one or two steps ahead of the textbook presentation. Asking the TA to walk you through the steps in the problem is the same as solving it for you.

But college is hard, and if you can’t handle something as low-level as you’re going to have a few difficult years ahead of you.