You hold copyright to your theses regardless of the method of submission. Previous Academic Credentials You may list your previous academic credentials under your name if you wish. The Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies must ensure the requisite supervisory committee members, with the necessary language background and familiarity with the field of French literature, are available to supervise the thesis. The oral examination will be conducted in French. Once The College of Graduate Studies receives the mandatory forms, students will be allowed to register and upload the thesis to cIRcle for the final formatting review. These resources are designed to help students check the presentation and formatting of their thesis. May be either in the lower centre or on the top or lower right of the page, when the page is viewed in portrait view.

If your thesis includes figures, you must include a List of Figures: UBC owns the rights to inventions, software and other products of research developed by students as part of their graduate work. Must be black throughout, except for web links. You and your supervisor should decide on the presentation of the bibliography at an early stage in the writing of the thesis, following a style guide or style of a significant refereed journal in your field. Submit a signed copy of the Thesis Formatting Service Agreement to ubco.

Post-Defence Submission

Each chapter must start at the top of a new page. This also applies to captions of tables, figures, etc.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Must be listed in the table of contents. Students are encouraged to review the resources early in the writing of their thesis, and use them to check their thesis before submitting it to the College of Graduate Studies. The left margin should be a recommended 1. Confirm that you have uploaded the correct file and review your submission. Including Published Material in a Thesis or Dissertation.


Thesis and Dissertation

Lists all examining committee members. Must not contain tables, graphs or illustrations. For,atting must be no blank pages in the thesis. In the case of doctoral dissertations, this must be done before the dissertation can be submitted to the External Examiner. You own the copyright to your thesis as a whole and are free to publish your thesis if you wish.

Plagiarism is intellectual theft.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

You will be notified to submit the thesis once the cIRcle account has been activated. Tables in Chapter 1: Final versions of all UBC Okanagan theses must be approved by the College of Graduate Studies and must conform foramtting the specifications given here in order to: Is the second page of the thesis. The whole thesis, including the table of contents, must be in a single, page-wide column.

Thesis Formatting Service

Abstracts for embargoed theses are automatically hidden from public view. Must be appropriate for an academic paper. If an additional extension to the embargo period is required, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the Formaatting of Graduate Studies no less than one month before the release date. A coherent structure that flows logically and smoothly from chapter to chapter.


Funding for the research was provided by a commercial company which has requested a delay tormatting publication. There is only one introduction at the very beginning of the thesis. Each list must start at the top of a new page.

It is not necessary to have running headers or footers in your thesis, other than for page numbers. Under special circumstances, and with substantive rationale, this may be extended to a maximum of 24 months. Sequentially throughout uhc thesis, e. The service respects the academic purpose and integrity of the thesis writing and submission process and includes services such as:.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

The list must start at the top of a new page. Whichever method you choose, the numbering style must be the same for both Tables and Figures; for example: When you pay the fee in full, the reviewed and formatted thesis will be released to you via the Okanagaan Workspace 2. A doctoral dissertation must contain a substantial contribution of new knowledge to the field of study.

College of Graduate Studies. It may take up to two to five business days for the thesis to be reviewed again.