He was in shock, so he probably could not feel the pain from his obvious injuries. Several said they went out of their way to treat him normally, others said they tried to avoid him, and others declined to be interviewed on the subject. How did his image of himself affect his schoolwork? The main idea of the passage below is that Pokey a. Conclude your paragraph by telling how, if at all, your view of the event has changed now that you are older. When George noticed Logan, he tried to make friends with him. Some may suggest that if the students were shown vivid examples of the harmful effects of binge drinking, or listened to talks given by the parents of young people who had died of alcohol poisoning, their attitudes toward heavy drinking would change.

Every life is valuable. Cats make wonderful pets. I want to come home retarded. How do you feel about that decision? Your thesis statement should state the chosen punishment—for example:

The yellow ribbon by pete hamill thesis

Read the Text Version. Baxter said his deepest longing was to stand beside the graves of his four friends. We manufacture life sciences laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment. It happened one day in school when he was about seven years old.

Such characteristics might include, for example, playfulness, bad temper, rhesis, energy, and intelligence. If demonstrates the pride that her grandfather taught her by coolly informing the principal of what her grandfather said and adding, for good measure, that he will just have to award the jacket to Joann.


Create your own flipbook. If so, how did you feel toward that person? How did you feel when you finally succeeded? The scholarship jacket was especially important to Marta because she was unable to earn a jacket in any other way. See if you can state the thesis in your own Welcome to Pete Hamill ‘s WebsiteWhy Sinatra Matters In honor of Sinatra’s th birthday, Pete Hamill ‘s classic tribute returns with a new introduction by the author.


The Yellow Ribbon By Pete Hamill Thesis Paper

This led him to feel ashamed of his own actions. Marvel recalls how in the large junior and senior high schools she attended, classmates soon caught on to her problem when the teacher asked students to take turns reading out loud.

Answers will vary; however, students should infer that drunk drivers are often unaware of how greatly alcohol has impaired their ability to drive. Her grandfather also teaches her not to accept discrimination by his refusal to pay for a jacket that Marta had already earned.

I know I have made ptee progress when I can set small goals and achieve them.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

When they went back to the bus, the girl sat beside him and introduced herself. Marvel will probably go on to get an advanced degree. When Marvel realized her life was getting more difficult rather than easier, she returned to school—a decision that changed pege life.

That way she could have avoided the stigma of failure, but still received the attention she needed. Is there anyone in your life—a teacher, family member, or friend—who has helped you through challenging times during your education? Can and should something be done to make the world a better place for hurt and homeless animals like Pokey? Be sure to explain not only what the teacher did but also how the student was affected.


It then tells the story of the drinking party that led up to the crash. But none of the honors she has received means more to her than the success of her own children, the reason she made that frightening journey to seek classes in English years ago.

Do you feel that his passengers also were at fault in any way? That was a good feeling. Seeing that the animal, a cat, is wounded but alive, he decides to pick it up and take it to his family vet.

thesis statement of the yellow ribbon by pete hamill

Perhaps he was a sea captain, maybe he had run away from his wife, he could be an old soldier going home. Where did each event occur? There she found just what she needed and received small-group and individual instruction. Write a paragraph that describes the situation and how you acted. Marvel will probably never write a book. Young Ben protests but dutifully agrees. After the surgery, Broderick and his wife take the cat home, where it quickly adjusts to its new surroundings. Our classmates, sensing that they had created a rift between George and me, intensified their attacks on him.