Candidates using computers are in a different room. Check the deadlines to see whether you are eligible to apply. The programme is particularly suited to final musicians who wish to deepen and broaden their deadline coursework and musical horizons. This should be on headed paper, dated and signed by your medical practitioner. The desks are arranged in rows and are numbered. Penalties for late submissions are applied on each day a piece of work is late, including weekends. Use of software will be discussed with the disability office and our IT trainer.

However, if you need support during your SOAS course or for in-class tests, please do contact us. Assignments will be open for late submission until the coursework school deadline date Friday, Week 2, Term 3. Please note that no amendment to the agreed examination arrangement will be considered after 23rd April the first day of Term 3 , so do contact the Disability Office urgently if the arrangement confirmed to you is not what you expected. Yes — you can bring food into the exam but please do not bring anything that will distract other students e. Computer examinations will use Microsoft Word. Use of Specialist software You will need to have had training and experience in using this software prior to the exam.

Computer examinations will use Microsoft Word. The programme is particularly suited to final musicians who wish to deepen and broaden their deadline coursework and musical horizons.

soas final coursework deadline

Students can search soas for independent or external scholarships that can help fund their studies. You need to take the timetable to the exam with you because: All in all, what else can we say but: It is recommended that the document is saved at least every 15 minutes and that candidates take the opportunity to do so whenever they are not typing. Usually, students who are EU-nationals studying in an EU-country don’t have any work restrictions. We want to ultimately encourage you to study abroad in order to experience and explore new countries, cultures and languages.


Candidates must ensure that their candidate number and the code and title of the examination are put in the header of the document to ensure that it appears on every printed page. Alternatively, you may want to make a request to see the comments from your scripts through the DPA please see: It is your responsibility to make it clear which question is being answered on paper and which on the computer if you use both methods.

If your evidence is accepted and your non-submission deemed to be with good cause, you will be automatically re-entered to submit at the next opportunity, provided you remain within the time limit for completion of your degree. The document should be saved on the desktop during the examination. Invigilators’ reports are forwarded to the Chair of the relevant Exams Board for consideration of any special circumstances.

soas final coursework deadline

If you need to submit after the final school deadline for any reason, contact your faculty office for advice. Did you intend for the echoes? No, exam scripts remain the property of the School and are not returned to candidates. Let the disability advisors know and bring supporting evidence and it may be possible to organise a stop-the-clock arrangement so that you don’t miss out on the full amount of time to write your exam paper.

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It will give your confidential candidate number, which you will need to enter on your answer book to ensure that your marks are recorded correctly.

Academics are under no obligation to provide feedback, but can do so at their discretion. It may also be that they can advise you, or advise you to talk to someone else, about the consequences of not sitting the exam. A seating plan will be displayed outside the room for you to check your seat number before entering. Use of amanuensis scribe You will need to meet with your amanuensis prior to the exam to discuss your exam requirements and disability office couraework assist you with the arrangements.


Submitting coursework late or not at all, and absence from exams | SOAS University of London

Through a range of optional modules they pursue additional deadlines as well. Please indicate clearly which mark you are querying i.

In addition to these formal elements, students may attend final and public seminars and may also participate in performance ensemble classes and other activities.

No work submitted after the Dealine deadline i.

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For all general exam information, including coursework deadlines, exam timetable information and release of exam results, please go to the Registry’s Examinations and Assessments page. After this deadline no further online submissions will be possible.

soas final coursework deadline

Once agreed, your special exam arrangements, soass your individual timetable, will be confirmed to you in an email sent to your SOAS account by the Exams office, in term 2. It is the candidates own responsibility to ensure that the work is backed up regularly.

Click on this link to the Exams Office website which gives details of deadlines; when results are released and options if you have failed. You may bring bottled water deadlihe some food into the exam room, as long as it is not smelly; noisy wrappers are also to be avoided.

Your essay is not submitted until you have done so and email confirmation final. You will, however, dealine given paper answer books on which to answer questions, and if you use them then they will be submitted along with your typed answers.

Undergraduate finalists and all postgraduate students: Structure Students are required to take a total of credits modules in addition to Final as Research 60 credits.