Because you will need their help to complete this part of the quest. Level 4 Napalm Beat. Utgard where the titans live, Midgard, where humans live in, Asgard, where gods live. If you have a strong charecter in your account and the guide book, collect all the items and put it in storage for more your mage to take and pass to the scholar. If you are at job level 50 , you will get a full scholarship so that you do not have to pay any fees or collect any items. Yggdrasil Leaf x1 Yggdrasil Seed x1 Yggdrasil Berry x1 After you have gathered the required item, bring it to the History Professor and complete your thesis by providing him the correct sentences. The selections are based on his history lecture, if you have read what he said you should do just fine.

Can restore half of total HP and SP. Choose the item that the Gift Merchant in Prontera does not sell. This is used to detect comment spam. Animal Skin x1 Empty Bottle x1 Feather of Birds x1 Squid Ink x1 Trunk x1 After you have gathered the necessary materials, bring them to the Physics Professor and complete your thesis by providing him the correct sentences. Best to give him the Yggdrasil Leaf since it’s the cheapest and easiest to obtain.

The Heart of Ymir.

sage thesis ragnarok

After you are registered, you can go take the placement test from the Placement Test Professor. Take it back to him. The giant snake 2: To start the lecture, he will ask you to bring him 30 stones as part of the class materials. This is used to detect comment spam. Bathory has the higher chance of dropping the book.


What is the correct defense rate and ability of Cute Ribbon? Javascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the googleapis. Hand him your thesis, and he will change your job to Sage. To upgrade to a Sage you’ll need to complete several tasks.

Ragnarok Elemental Sage/Scholar Guide

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Talk to the professor and he will ask you to get a set of items.

sage thesis ragnarok

After giving the stones to the Physics Professor, he will give you three 3 elemental stones. You must be a Mage at job level 40 or higher in order thesix start the quest.

Ragnarok Online: Sage Job Change Quest Guide

Keep in mind that you can skip the above-mentioned tasks if your Job Level as a Mage is After gathering the required items, the Biology Swge will conduct a lecture about the items you collected. Now that you’re a Sage, you can proceed to leveling your job level for you to unlock more skills, but to do that, you need a proper weapon to kill monsters and hunt with other players.

Some articles have YouTube videos embedded in them. SP40, 7 times Answer Question Set 3.


Ragnarok PC Elemental Sage/Scholar Guide – The Gamers’ Temple – Page 3

The last test is fighting an aggressive Whisper. Talk to the professor, and he will ask you to bring a set of items related to the Yggdrasil. Which NPC is not a citizen of Morroc? The following thesis sentences have the highest possibility of success: The Sage Job Change Quest. Which of the following monsters has a different elemental attribute? It is not suggested to be too addicted to magic spells. There are 3 different sets of questions, here are the questions and answers for references: Choose the correct defense and ability of Wedding Veil.

What is the catalyst stone for Mage Solution No. After reading your thesis, he will let you graduate and officially accept you as a Sage. Choose the skill that is irrelevant to learning claymore Trap, the Hunter skill. In order to pass this portion of the Sage test, you must have a total of at least 80 points to continue. After finishing the abovementioned tasks, the Physics Professor will then ask you to perform the final task—writing your thesis!

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