Two WF Withdraw without Permission grades may be considered a disqualification of students from the programs at the discretion of the Dean. Kasal What was the status of the art scene during the mids? Word – Northern Michigan University. The irony of it all is that every work in my succeeding years in art school tagged on the visual organization of design patterns, grids and structures akin to mechanical drawings. Instead of just establishing the pictorial surface through the formal elements and principles of design, I had to make a decision on how to achieve an effective visual representation while translating the interactive aspect of my mixed media works. Retablo para Los D-Tards y Desamparecidos, in progress, What can we expect from you in the next five years? Pag pinaghusay mo craft mo, nawawala na yung hierarchy.

Mercado II Jose S. There was a need to translate my visual narratives from a pictorial plane to a more complex composition. Patuloy ang learning process sa art especially when I started teaching. Penduco John Paul D. I try to experiment on other visual approaches. June — A flurry of renewed interest was directed towards the works of Lamberto Hechanova who was reputed as an incubator of modernist painting and sculpture in the s.

Do you remember your first painting that won third place at the Hiraya Painting Competition? The selection of the Adviser by the Dean depends on the program the student is enrolled in, and also, in line with the title of the research. I also honed my exhibition design skills there also under the mentorship of Bobi Valenzuela.

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pwu thesis format

Brenda Fajardo is your aunt. For the first time in art school, I felt so motivated to work and felt alive!


pwu thesis format

She also helped me and my siblings with our art school projects. September –Leo Abaya has an enviable sense of timing. It aimed to provide women with the best education that would prepare them for civic and moral responsibilities and train them to combine successfully homemaking rhesis career. Any projects you are working formaf Exploration of non-traditional materials was positioned in understanding how I could effectively articulate my intentions.

Take note of the deadlines set by the individual professor and submit the requirements on time. What will I do? Basic Courses 9 units: His works were later referred to as interactive wood assemblages.

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They will sign a waiver prohibiting them to file charges against the University for non-printing of their names in the program. Formwt who receive grades lower than the required must repeat the subject with the approval of the Dean. Tedious kasi yung process para sa isang obsessive compulsive. Parang wala naman akong pinagsisihan sa mga nagawa kong art. This is an individualized, self contained instructional material that requires some activities such as research work, theis studies and interviews to be submitted on specific dates assigned by the professor.

Metaphorically, the process afforded me to delve on a topic that has always thesjs me — the complexities of death and dying. Provide opportunities for the horizontal and vertical promotion of teachers. She also yhesis us to play with various art materials and having squeezed all the creative juices out of us kids and turned the experience into something like an exercise in solving visual problems at an early age.

In all appearances, the works suggested pure notions about the conditions that define artistic tendencies, with reference to styles and rhesis. I would start with the concept, do some rough studies and then proceed with a compre. What I wanted to do then was to contextualize this theme in a Pinoy manner using images that will deliberately represent a cryptic relationship between reincarnation and our colonial past.


The Posted Files is on a private mode and only the professor can view all the documents posted in this room. Seriously, I bleed every time I start with a new work. For some reason, the mentoring experience gave me a new worldview on the possibilities of fabricating formah more holistic learning structure I never forat in art school. This denotes that in the passing of time, nothing much has really changed in our society; not even after the cathartic EDSA revolution nor during the then installed Ramos administration.

I was also able to process a lot from my travels and exposure through artist residencies especially the one at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Saualito.

June — A flurry formaat renewed interest was directed towards the works of Lamberto Hechanova who was reputed as an incubator of modernist painting and sculpture in the s. You have to learn about translating perception, improving visual communication, and understanding history and theories.

Towards the Development of a Human Resource Development Program for a Local Commercial Company.

This project could have been my first millions from a single painting laughs. It is a multi-venue formxt multi-pronged international art project aimed to contribute to contemporary discussions on migration, not only of people across borders but of forms and realities across time and space.

Karen Ocampo Flores assumed the position of its gallery curator after that year until the present.