The objective of our marketing plan is to make sure that our product is known by people around the world, and to ensure that our objective is achieved, we have to do some research of our competitors. Each partner can withdraw the credit balance in their income account. Future Prospects of Business: We want to bring our product to the international level and to lift up the name of our company to be comparable with other large company around the world. Deepest thanks and appreciation to our parents, family and friends for their unconditional love and word of encouragement until our business plan is fully completed.

We can conclude that competitor will lead to successful business in particular area as we applying the healthy and professional competiton in order to be the best homestay in Samarahan. The calculation of our market size is as follow: This is because we have to go beyond with our competitors as well. This will mean that the existing competitors will lose some of their market after the entry of Alamanda homestay. By nguyen phuong anh. The adults who want to get married usually want something that they could afford, so our product could basically help them in starting a new family. Transportation Transport activity occurs when materials are transported from one point to another.

Every shareholder plays their part in making this business successful.

purpose of business plan ent300

RM Shares of RM each: The plans and strategies for running the store are laid down and in future will be the important benchmark in managing the business. The total market share is total up of our services and competitors.

Combine all the palette woods based on the design prepared by drill it with the nails. Thus it becomes comprehensive guideline on our daily operation. Operational Manager in Puroose The Carpenter 1. They are indeed wonderful and very resourceful.


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We would like also to show our gratitude to him on giving us support and motivate us to give the best in doing this business plan. In addition, this area is very highly in demand for our services because it is near to university and ent3000 area of the students. From the consent of all partners, we agreed that: The climate of the location is suitable for the banana growth and the type of land is laterit type ent030 really suitable for banana plantation.

When people buy our products and satisfied with it, they will make sure everyone knows it so people can find us in Twitter and Facebook to contact us.

Pallets are also easily accessible and this means you can find them almost anywhere. Our business estimated 0. We purchase about pieces of mixed baked goods every day.

purpose of business plan ent300

It will include all administration aspect such as the position of the workers, budget and the strategies of our company to achieve success. Thus, lowering the lose of the plant by half, making the approximate plant destroyed become 15 plant per month. A separate income account should bemaintained for each partner. Skip to main content. Due to the demand of these services we are determined to provide a room rental services which is value for money by charging the customer with low prices compare to other company.

The calculation for our market size: We want to make it in a short time for producing the product, so our customers do not have to wait longer as we can get the raw material fast from our suppliers.


The information that we have gathered and we present in this business plan is a pure, true determination and hard work of the team. Financial 1 Therefore we have plan on how to expand our market value by promotion and advertisement from time to time to make sure that our presents are known by all the customers. The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is thought to control cost because the percentage is high, the more the company retains on each Rm1 sales to service its other cost and obligations.


For example, the market demand for a day on working day is decreased compared to the market demand on weekend.

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The reason we choose this location as our location is because of it is due to the increase number of students that would like to use our services to od while finishing their studies or event. This is to ensure the workers are not destitute once they retire from work.

purpose of business plan ent300

In three years in future, we have always believe that our business will be expended inPeninsular Malaysia. Quick Ratios Ratio 50 0 1 2 3 Year Quick ratio determines the extent to which current liabilities are covered by liquid assets.

Therefore, our purpoze have several ways to compete with our competitors: Our homestay also takes the competitors as a healthy challenge. Thus, they are able to buy our products since the price is affordable. The strategic ways to complete our marketing plans is by doing survey from peoples, interview, and distributes questionnaires.