View course information for previous years. Don’t have an account? The focus on the leader, particularly as reflected by the media, has led many analysts such as Pakulski and Higley , p. In contrast, a presidential political system has various features that distinguish it from the Australian political system. Undergraduate Units of Credit:

The president has a wide range of powers such as the ability to govern without outside interference. See Tuition Fee Schedule. Towards Presidentialism in Australia? Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The information contained in this Handbook is indicative only. Most users should sign in with their email address. It also examines the factors that play a role in this shift and draws to the conclusion that there are many elements such as the increase in the focus on leaders, changes in the role of political parties and the media as well as the internationalisation of politics which have led to this presidentialisation.

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Although there are arguments that presidentilisation Australian politics does not match the presidential system, the reality indicates that Australian politics has altered and in practice has shifted towards a form of presidentialised politics. Thus, while both sets of authors are using the same term, they are referring to different meanings, outcomes and processes.

presidentialisation thesis australia

This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. Furthermore, the new phenomenon of internationalisation of politics where governments from different countries cooperate together to solve common problems as well as develop their economy presidentialisatiln society has played a role in the presidentialisation of Australian politics Cookp.


In addition, it is claimed that a shift towards a form of presidentialised politics has not occurred as there is less support for a republic system or a form of presidential system to be implemented in Australia Solomonp. Towards Presidentialism in Australia? You could not be signed in.

Towards Presidentialism in Australia?

Australian Studies, International Relations This is a third year seminar course within the Politics major. They are engaged in an exercise in deductive political explanation that focuses on the effect of constitutional presidentialisation on party presidentialisation. Young, SHow Australia decides: Some of this work questions the very usefulness of the term. It is the system where the head of government is popularly elected and the executive is not accountable to the parliament but rather is directly answerable to the people Hatzoldp.

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This is particularly evident when comparing the role and power of the leader in the past and present where the leader in practice used to focus on delivering party programs, agendas and reflecting on public concerns. Email alerts New issue alert. Don’t have an account?

presidentialisation thesis australia

Although it can be evident that presidentialisagion are many factors which illustrate that Australian politics has moved towards a form of presidentialised politics, others believe that this is not true.

Any amount, in any currency, is appreciated. In effect, they are offering what amounts to a grand historical narrative.


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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. This shift occurred due to the growing complexity of political issues, which pressures parties to grant greater powers to the leader with the aim of presjdentialisation party victory in elections.

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presidentialisation thesis australia

A Matter of Life or Death: Samuels and Shugart have a narrow focus on constitutional presidentialisation and party presidentialisation. Your donations allow presidentiakisation to invest in new open access titles and pay our bandwidth bills to ensure we keep our existing titles free to view. There is now a large body of work on this topic Dowding, a, b, c; Foley, ; Kefford, a, b; Mughan, ; Passarelli, b; Poguntke and Webb, b; Samuels and Shugart, ; Webb and Poguntke, Undermining or Realising the Democratic Foundations?

URL for this page: Short-lived Parliamentarisation in 19th-century Germany: The Australian political system is a constitutional monarchy that draws its practices from the British political system. Here the full article in PDF. My latest book has just been published Palgrave.