In Maths, a subject that I did not enjoy initially, my tutor used his sense of humour to teach us tricks and mnemonics to make learning interesting. The click and instant message of a PC no longer demands of growing youths the reality of patience and persistence to get the result. PayPal handles payments on our behalf. Enhance your application, as maybe they’re looking for someone to run the recorder club and you mention your clarinet grades and recorder experience. Having met them, they knew who I was and what I was trying to do, and they had more respect for me throughout the event.

MSc Social Work Level: A trip to Kenya to assist in an orphanage and school allowed me to use these skills to encourage the Kenyan children to love communication and learning. University of Kent Careers and Employability Service. From Christ Church University’s point of view they said that they don’t mind if the percentages don’t add up to Personal Statement For Pgce – buywritepaperessay. My first opportunity to teach was provided by the Community Service Scheme at Southwark School, which was one of the necessary requirements for the Gold Certificate I as awarded.

July 27, Date written: I have some experience of teaching small groups outside of school both through activities on my course, the CSLA award and I also teach and compete with a local majorette troupe which annually competes at the National Championships. October 08, Date written: I was allowed to devise my own teaching methods and I received great satisfaction when the children showed understanding and progress.

What else have you done to show you enjoy working with young people or children? It will be interesting to compare this style of teaching with teaching in mainstream. I started to grasp lesson planning and discuss with teachers current educational issues such as the changing curriculum.

I also travel a fair distance to University so I have had to be determined and hard working. My paid work is as a fitness and aerobics instructor in a leisure centre so I have a keen interest in health and fitness.


For example if you have worked in a shop you could mention that you had to work in a busy team under pressure, deal tactfully with customer complaints and adapt quickly to changing situations. September 12, Date written: Primaru I were given the opportunity I would be keen to participate in ways that would allow me to utilise some of my abilities e.

pgce personal statement primary gttr

If not brush up your skills. Courses Undergraduate Postgraduate Part-time undergraduate Executive education.


Whilst being at university I eprsonal working as a personal trainer. I am sure that the experiences that I have gained with children and during my degree would make me a good teacher and justify my gaining a place on a PGCE course. In my early education, reading and writing were a challenge, at the age of nine I received a diagnosis of dyslexia bringing with it extra support from the school.

This is your chance to explain why you want to teach primary age children and convey your enthusiasm for teaching You need to back everything up with examples from your classroom experience, reflecting on what you did, how this made a difference and what you learned about teaching and learning within Key Stages 1 and 2.

I am aware of the challenges ahead working in a dynamic teaching environment but perseverance, which is currently constrained by our fast changing age, will be harnessed with my determination to teach with interest and open mindedness to make learning fun, enjoyable and a journey of discovery along with my students. It is aimed at non-English speaking students aged Despite finding some of these experiences challenging, I have also found them extremely rewarding — particularly when I have been able to help a child overcome a learning barrier.

Pgce personal statement work experience section, of PGCE personal Read more about skills, pgcr, teaching, children, experience and work. Your personal statement is vital to the success of Jobs and work experience Postgraduate study Careers primsry Applying for university.


Personal statement for PGCE primary

PayPal handles payments on our behalf. Times are adhered to rigidly in order to provide routine for the pupils This did lead to a pressured working environment and provided experience of working under pressure as it was essential to provide all relevant teaching points in a small amount of time.

You should not use any of the following content as part of your own personal statement as you would not be reflecting your own experience and ideas. I believe I would thrive as a teacher because of my own enthusiasm for and dedication to my subjects; coupled with my ability to relate to people in the age group.

I would also like primaey teach because doing so would give me the flexibility of being able to spend time during the school holidays with my own children while they are still young.

Personal statement for PGCE primary |

There follow four real personal statements from PGCE teacher training applications. I needed many of the skills I had seen in the classroom to be an excellent counsellor and I was able to use my singing skills to set up a choir who performed to the rest of the camp.

I appreciated studying a wide range of texts, analysing period and context. Edenfield is a summer programme consisting of classroom teaching and extra curricular activities, including sports and arts.

pgce personal statement primary gttr

Now, through my placement, I have developed a passion for teaching and instructing which has led me to apply for this course. My experience has led me to look further into the education and lifestyle of children with special needs and I have used this in-depth research to enhance my understanding and experience at Grange Park.