I will also share some tips for fellow Monash-ians with a 3-years Business Degree hoping to waive the loan off. Bond with government after graduate etc. I called PTPTN more than 50 times these few months, all I get is “Saya pun tak boleh janji bila boleh sign, Encik, I tak boleh janji bila boleh siap, you tunggu je la”. Follow Me Facebook Twitter Instagram. What a confusing statement she said to me.

I got first class degree and I was applied the exemption ptptn loan, and thanks god finally I received the approved letter from PTPTN last 2 days. Hi Sharifah Durrah, I shared my insight regarding similar question previously to Xuxun on 21st February April 17, at Please refer to the FAQ of the post. Of course, before that, please call PTPTN to ensure the exemption is applicable for your course or not. The instruction letter is just a reminder or a guidance. Is I qualify for the application?

If you have some free odficial after returning the robe, you can photocopy these 4 papers and hand them to your friend or scan them and email to your friend to help you because during convocation period, Jabatan Pengurusan Akademik JPA UMT is closed.

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official application letter ptptn exemption

When I dropped by PTPTN to collect the copy of the acknowledgement letter, learnt from my statement, even I start the repayment from Febevery year they are still charging me lawyer fee because my case are been summoned. Hey, During the two months that you were waiting for PTPTN to process your exemption for repayment, did you begin repaying them first or did you hold back on the repayment?


During my application process, some people told me that it no longer exist because the budget has changed and how PTPTN side has removed the exemption blah blah blah.

Your mobile number has been succesfully updated. Osman raheem 29 April at This is because Pos daftar provides tracking number and is cheaper than poslaju.

Application letter for ptptn loan exemption – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Zack January 6, at 2: Blogger January 19, at Anonymous 15 October at Yong Lian Hii 16 July, Anonymous 01 August, You don’t have to tell the officers or whosoever how good you’re, be it in academics or extracurricular activities You don’t have to tell the officers or whosoever how poor you’re for the repayment blah blah blah After preparing all these necessary documents, just submit it to PTPTN office and that’s all!

Thank You so much. Tuesday, June 21, After that, apparently, you have three options: Kuala Lumpur, 26th March Documents that needed in this application: Wayne May 13, at 5: Hi, if letter just submit my documents to the ptptn department at kota damansara branch, will the officers come to collect and send to the headquarter as well?

official application letter ptptn exemption

In the life of others, I now hold a restaurant and bar. I am no idea about the procedure to claim back those money.


For sponsorship, you need to understand its terms and conditions and then compare all pros and cons before making a wise decision. Can I know where to check the repayment amount online? May i know how did they define this sponsorship because throughout my degree study, i receive scholarship for top achiever from my own institution and it is in the form of tuition fee waiver which doesnt need to be repaid.

No harm trying, just call and ask! Find out more in this blog post! To avoid repetitive questions, I have summarised all the discussion in the post. They say my application is “layak” which means eligible.

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[SHARING] How to apply PTPTN Repayment Exemption (UMT) – Meen’s ♥

Hi, can’t really answer on this. In fact, I had submitted complete document and every copies have been verified by my school of faculty.

Jordan 24 May at I don’t think you leetter do so. A pieces girl who loves to eat and travel. However, if you are obtaining bachelor degree with first class honouryou are eligible for repayment exemption!