If the beneficiaries tell us clearly, as they did, time and again in Goma, that what they needed was cash, why did aid agencies persist in giving them goods? While there may be genuine and well-founded fears around cash aid, there is only one real conclusion to be drawn: These concerns were rekindled by the lava flow into the lake in January. Lava continued to move along the middle of the main flow next day, although the edges had solidified. Volcanic risk management is untested in this socio-political context. The present report has been compiled following a field visit in March as a major contribution from the health sector towards the short and long term emergency planning process and the scientific evaluation of the volcanic crisis. A visit to the town of Masisi was made to learn more about the impact of ash falls from the volcanoes on human and animal health.

An eruption of Montagne Pelee, Martinique wiped out the city and 28, of its inhabitants in , but the devestation was caused by pyroclastic flows. Nevertheless, most of those who left got away before late evening. In July around one million Rwandan refugees fled into North Kivu from the ethnic violence and civil disturbance in Rwanda in which ,, civilians, mostly ethnic Tutsis, died. As the lava entered the lake it turned it acidic,poisoning the water and the fish. Emergency planning for a major eruption of Nyiragongo presents several unique challenges. As indicated above, a reduction in air quality after the eruption may have been at least partly responsible for these increases.

Warning of magma rising beneath Goma or Lake Kivu should be feasible, using a telemeter seismic njiragongo network. The cutting of water and electrical power networks by the lava flows resulted in increasing the dependence of people on water taken direct from Lake Kivu before chlorination was fully in place.

Case study of a Volcanic eruption : Mt. Nyiragongo

There are possibly numerous places where carbon dioxide is emitted from the lava rocks by the edge of the lake. Between 1 and 16 August, patients with suspected meningitis were reported, predominantly Group A, the commonest outbreak strain in this African region.

Other consequences of the lava studyy were mainly psychological stress from loss of homes, possessions and jobs. A survey of several well-known Mazuku on the outskirts of Goma and towards Vvolcano was performed.


The humanitarian situation and response in the OPT. Episodic lava-lake filling at Nyiragongo began on 23 June, the first such activity since when the lake first refilled after the eruption.

nyiragongo volcano case study

Both the main supply pumping stations for the city, Lac Kivu and Turquoise, were out of action because the power supplies had also been disrupted by the eruption.

Sincetwo and a half million people have died in the Eastern DCR Democratic Republic of Congo from infectious diseases and malnutrition as a consequence of continuing conflict in the region. Security was the main reason for the rapid return of the population: In the first month of the influx, an estimated 50, refugees had died. Submit Content Share information through Volcamo to better inform humanitarians worldwide.

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This reliance is unchanged today and the prevention of enteric disease outbreaks in a future eruption has to be a leading priority for the health sector, relief agencies and NGO’s. ReliefWeb Informing humanitarians worldwide. This hazard is directly related to the geo-morphology of the area the flanks of the two volcanoes and Lake Kivu as the main source of drinking water in Goma.

Scientists recognize that a high level of monitoring is now needed if adequate warning of a future major eruption is to be provided and a potentially large loss of life is to be prevented. Nyiragongo Published by Guset User A scientific risk assessment will be needed to constrain the hazards from a lava eruption in Goma and an eruption within Lake Kivu, as well as other types of events.

However, weekly meetings with the Governor have been instigated, as have regular slots for the GVO volcanologists on Radio Okapi. Two types of lava eruption are hypothesized by scientists. According to scientists, the two main hazards of immediate concern in a future eruption of Nyiragongo are: The geomorphology of the lake, including its great depth and proximity to an active volcanic centre, underlie its present hazardous, gas-laden state.


nyiragongo volcano case study

The management of the volcanic crisis cannot be undertaken without including the other threats to life in the region, which is already in a humanitarian situation of disaster proportions.

The fear of giving cash New aid workers are warned by older and wiser colleagues never to give cash to beneficiaries. Thus, the lava flows, by displacing thousands from their homes casd causing overcrowding, could have indirectly increased the already high level of risk to health from diarrhoeal diseases by adding to the potential for contamination of the lake with sewage from the overflowing latrines.

In this study, we highlight human, infrastructural, geo-environmental and, above all, political vulnerability as the key issues to be considered in the Goma volcanic crisis. At least 45 people died and s are http: Although engineering measures appear on the list of headings under natural disaster mitigation, and are important for preventing floods, for example, there is little scope for measures such as building barriers against lava flows at Nyiragongo volcano.


nyiragongo volcano case study

The January eruption proved that hundreds of thousands of people could leave the city within the space of only a few hours, the vast majority on foot. Following further conflict, from Nov, nearly half a million Rwandan returnees from the five Goma camps entered Rwanda through Gisenyi on nyiraogngo way back to their communes. Consideration needs to be given to seismic resistance in any future large buildings in Goma because of stdy hazard of volcanogenic earthquakes.

Human health and vulnerability in the Nyiragongo volcano crisis DR Congo Jun 2002

A hazard assessment was conducted by volcanologists9 and reported by Tazieff in a letter to Nature: Car traffic was held up for two hours by the border guards. User-managed public health promotion in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Srudy is well supplied with food, which is normally quite cheap; the problem was the money to buy it with.