Provide a bibliography that includes citations for all works referenced in the research proposal. Before commencing an award, the applicant may defer an award for up to three years, for a maximum of one year at a time. The Research Portal will instruct applicants to select up to three institutions where they intend to hold the award. Responsible Conduct of Research for additional details. Students submit their application to the institution at which they intend to hold their award using the Research Portal. Typing does not count as an activity; you must remember to Save and Validate frequently; otherwise, the information you have entered will be lost.

Provide background information to position your proposed research within the context of the current knowledge in the field. Awards must be held at the institution where the offer of award originates. Applicants are not eligible to hold a CGS M award from an institution where they are not enrolled or where they have not applied for admission to an eligible program of study. If you have not yet decided on a specific project, you must still provide a detailed description of a proposed research project. If you are Offered an award, you will have 21 days from the date of each offer of award to accept or decline through the Research Portal. In order to view the application status, you must first log in to your Research Portal account and click Open to access the Application Overview page which contains your application, the CCV and all attachments.

Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent at the institution s selected in your application to determine their requirements. Skip to content Skip to institutional links.

It is your responsibility to ensure your references complete and submit their assessments early enough to allow you to submit your complete application in the Research Portal before the December 1 deadline.

nserc cgsm research proposal

You must indicate the institution reseearch at which you intend to hold the CGS M award. During peak periods November to Januarythe response time may be delayed. The agencies reserve the right to interpret and enforce the policies and guidelines for their funding opportunities nsegc out in their published materials.


Indicators of research potential: Before you submit your application, you must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Applying that appear in a pop-up window during the submission process.

nserc cgsm research proposal

Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent at the selected Canadian institution s for more detailed information. Institutions are responsible for ensuring that the Field of Research selected corresponds to the mandate of the agency. If the output of your degree program is an artistic creation rather than a thesis, indicate clearly the research component of your cgssm work. Before commencing an award, the applicant may defer an award for up to three years, for a maximum of one year at a time.

You will receive a system-generated email inviting you to log in to the Research Portal each time the status of your application changes.

Offers of awards will be available in the Research Portal as of April 1. Once you select a Field of Research in the application form, the proposed institution s available to you will be those with a CGS M allocation in your chosen Field of Research.

Applicants will have 21 days to accept or decline the offers. For program-related information, your first point of contact is the Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent at the institution s where you intend to hold the award.

The agencies aim to respond to inquiries within 48 hours. ET of the following calendar year. Additionally, only one department per institution may be selected. Responsible Conduct of Research for additional details. Applicants must only select institutions where:. Should some offers be declined, institutions may make subsequent offers until they have no awards remaining.

Only one page is allotted for each of these components. This change in status may only be reversed with the endorsement of the host institution and only if they have an allocation remaining.


NSERC – Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Program

Given the specific requirements of certain disciplines, institutions are invited to contact the appropriate agency for guidance on the eligibility of programs of study. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of the agreed Terms and Conditions for your records.

For some institutions, the selection process is carried out at the departmental level; therefore, it is important that the department nserf select in your application be the same as the department to which you will apply for admission. These citations should be in a format used by the primary discipline of the proposed research.

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Should an award become available due to a decline, an applicant on the alternate list may receive an offer. Be as specific as possible. Specify the dates for any delays researchh interruptions in the Leaves of absence and impact on research section. Up-to-date transcripts are defined as transcripts dated or issued in the fall session of the year of application if currently registered or after the last term completed if not currently registered.

Applicants who have not received a notification of propoeal update by April 2 should contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies or its equivalent at the institution s to which they have applied for funding.

nserc cgsm research proposal

This change in status will generate an automated email notification to the applicant informing them of this update. Accurate department selection is very important. Provide a detailed description of your proposed research project for the period during which you will hold the award.