So should I submit a statement to address why I am interested in themonths program? Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: Hi if I will have a gap period between now and next July, isit necessary to explain the reason in the optional essay? What’s the minimum GMAT score for this program? Is it common for full-time MSF students to have a period gapfor internship while in the program?

Hi Lingbo, Please just self report your highest score onlyand also have that score officially sent to us. I reread all my Sloan emails twice and i didn’t see anything about extra optional essay Isn’t that weird? Hi, if the school that I transferred from does not calculateGPA at least GPA not visible on my transcript , do I need to calculate itmyself by weighted average? Master of Finance Online Chat. You can find our full class profile here on our website: Forums New posts Search forums. Join Us Already a member?

About 37 percent of ourMFin students come from business or commerce undergraduate degrees. Konstantinos Iliadis New Member.

mit mfin optional essay

Wouldit be advisable for me to apply to the program? Focus of the program? You can find the admissionsevents on our website.

Also, could you recall how many slots left when you register for your interview? Log in or register to post comments.


Anne Kiely, Admissions We do not have alumni conducting interviews. Many applicants are interested in it for a variety ofreasons such as extending their time in the program to take more electives or asummer internship or thesis.

Debt Collection and Credit Management Course 8: Hi, I am now enrolled in an exchange program in Upenn. I graduated in May and I am currently working for abank in Bolivia started in september as an investment analyst.

Dear Aatif, we admit students with many diverse backgroundsto our program. Diane, Kim and Anne – thank you for hostingthis session!

mit mfin optional essay

Hi All, we have about 10 minutes left in the chat. Hi, if the application for the months program fails, willI be still considered for the months program or just be refused be MFin? Dear Meixiao – for students in our month pilot, they willhave a summer to pursue a summer internship.

MIT MFin Online Chat 11/24/15 – 商学院Master申请区

No, you can’t transfer between the12 and We do not have alumni conducting interviews Kim Ebeling, Admissions Butmy current term grades will not be available until January However, you will want to make sure to provide additional details aboutyour passion for finance in the application materials such as the optionalquestion and essay sections. There are a large number of participants and we hope to get to as many of yourquestions as possible.


FRP sponsors include large and smallfirms in the industry including companies such as BlackRock among others.

If your official score report does not reach us bythe application deadline, that is ok. Kim, Esasy didn’t know there was an interview process. Hi Xiaoxiao, please make sure that the transcript you uploadstates that you are in this program at Penn. At least you already have an offer!


If the head of the organization is a professor then that is okay. Does the Mfin program alsorequire the grades of the senior first semester? Hi Tzu, Recruiting happens early in the process. The questions are online Salha Alsiddiqi Sorry, you need to login or sign up in order to vote. Dear Salha, We actively recruit and admit classes ofstudents with widely varying skills and mih. I haven’t heard back from any yet. Best of luck to you. Hence I am wondering what are if any material differencesbetween two formats e.