The bridge was named “The Bridge of Peace”. The PNP should review its supply management system to ensure operational readiness of munitions and ordinance. Name SAF killers, show sincerity”. As President and as father of this country, I am greatly saddened that our policemen had to lay down their lives for this mission. Hong Kong legislator slams move to bar Morales.

This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Mamasapano clash article. As President and as father of this country, I am greatly saddened that our policemen had to lay down their lives for this mission. The Mamasapano Power Revolution about known as the EDSA Revolution and the Philippine Mamasapano of was a mamasapano of popular nonviolent revolutions and prayerful mass street demonstrations in the Philippines that occurred inwhich marked the restoration of the country’s democracy. In Boac, Marinduque , local officials, government employees, policemen, firemen, and barangay officials gathered in front of the “Bantayog sa mga Nagtanggol ng Inang Bayan” to offer their sympathies. Their female batch mate, Senior Insp. If that happens, we cannot hope for anything but the same results: He is the primary accused in the bombing in General Santos City in , in which 15 people died, and 60 were injured.

They needed sufficient notice to place their troops where they would be of greatest assistance. If the peace process were derailed, how many more graves would we have to dig?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Together with another terrorist named Mawiyah, Marwan and Usman committed several acts of terrorism in various parts of Mindanao. They should be sent to jail. Jerome Succor Aba, national spokesperson of the group, said that residents of Barangay Tukanalipao were preparing for their daily activities when SAF commandos entered the area and opened fire at the residence of the Panangulon family, resulting in the death of five-year-old child Sarah Panangulon and leaving her parents Tots and Samrah wounded.

The reinforcement from the local and Regional PNP units were not seriously factored-in during the mission planning process.


Army fires white phosphorous near the area where the surviving members of the 84th SAF company are hiding. However, these devices fell short of what were needed to relay real-time information and coordination of activities to and from the chain of command. He also violated the Special Order No. However, during the execution of Oplan Exodus, three 3 white phosphorous rounds were delivered late in the afternoon and not earlier in the morning when such rounds could have mattered most to the 84th Seaborne and the 55th SAC.

Pride, emotions prevailed May 22, They were not able to reach the secondary targets sir.

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The members of the SAF mamasapanoo their lives while fulfilling their duty to maintain the peace. The PNP should review its Police Operational procedures to cover operations similar to Oplan Exodus and to clarify coordination issues.

In the Bicol Region as well, 19 senior inspectors leading municipal police offices shaved their heads to show sympathy with the families of their three batch mates belonging to the class of the Philippine National Police Academy PNPAwho died in the carnage. On this occasion, I also take the opportunity to appeal to the public: Mastura – February 18, Commission on Human Rights inspects Mamasapano clash site Ammasapano of SSS officials sought November mamasapano, When it was time to clash and honor the 44 police fatalities in the Mamasapano essay, the president chose instead to open a Japanese car plant.

The goal of Oplan Exodus was to neutralize high value targets HVTs who were international terrorists—i.

mamasapano clash essay

Autopsy reports indicate that four 4 SAF Commandos were shot at close-range while they were still alive. Under the same doctrine, a commander is responsible for what his unit does or fails to do. There are allegations that, inMarwan, along with Umbra Kato, led a plot to plant a bomb to assassinate then-Governor of Maguindanao, Andal Ampatuan. The PNP should immediately grant 1 rank promotion to all surviving members of the 84th Seaborne and PO2 Lalan for their heroism and gallantry in action, posthumous promotion to the fallen 44 SAF commandos, and should give appropriate recognition to all other participating elements.


Badruddin’s wife Cllash Langalan recalled that her husband went to charge his cellphone but never came back. The containment forces are the ones in contact right now. Howver, of the claeh recommendations given by Col. Some of the ordinance for M were defective. Thousands of policemen marched on the streets over various locations in the Philippines with some starting at dawn.

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It is precisely because the forces of the SAF were much smaller than the surrounding numbers who could intervene that it was important for the Armed Forces to be ready to position their troops, resources, and equipment like cannons or artillery, should our police require support. Suspended CPNP Purisima provided inaccurate information to the President about the actual situation on the ground when he sent text messages to the President stating that SAF Commandos were pulling out, and that they were supported by mechanized and artillery support.

CHR chief, senators disagree on what to call Mamasapano incident”. There was a breakdown of command and control at all levels due to ineffective and unreliable communication among and between the operating units.

Forty-four SAF members lost their lives in carrying out this mission.

mamasapano clash essay

The New York Times. Part of the South Philippines insurgency. The US supported the operation by providing technical support to enhance monitoring of the troops on the ground. Radio net diagram was provided but failed when radio equipment bogged down.