I would like to write a thesis using the template downloadable from this page:. The image size on the PDF is not modified by this setting. This is a flexible and rich starting point for the composition of a thesis. From the feedback and postcards I received so far, it seems to be in heavy use all over the world. I have seen on this site that some people had the same LaTeX-LyX conversion problems, so I tried to import the proposed “template”‘s.

I never noticed Dropbox saves the history of a document. So, after some cleaning, your main. So you can easily restore a previous version of your document:. To organize my literature I use a tool called JabRef. The styling is separated from the content and only applied in the last final step when generating the PDF. A simple LateX document would look like this:

But it is pretty raw and hard to handle.

lyx vorlage thesis

I would like to write my thesis starting from a template, but the ones I found for LyX are not suitable or not aesthetically appealing. But my plan is to write all the chapters in LyX since it seems easier to write equations and tables in it.

The image size on the PDF is not modified by this setting. Cancel Reply Write a Comment. This is how the above code will look like as a PDF:. But please understand that I am not your personal LaTeX e-mail support. Beta-versions can be found irregularly at classicthesis’ Bitbucket project website. The rest ToC, includes, etc. Save the following code as a LyX file and use it as a template.


The files do not use a “complete” layout file, therefore, it is not a “full” template yet. My efforts at fixing these errors led me to believe that the. In my free time, I enjoy geocaching, reading, typography, and artistic gymnastics no ylx as an active athlete.

Nonetheless, said that, unlike many thesis templates, in this case main.

lyx vorlage thesis

To make graphics I use Google Drive. Every book or article I read will get its own entry in this file. Generally the ERT boxes are not harmful the file is still compilable but thseis. For learning how vorlaeg create layouts, I’ve heard that this is a good starting point: Elemente der Mathematik, 25 6: I’d start with an empty LyX document of the book class and set things to look as the template pdf when you add your own stuff.

If you write with Microsoft Word, you will always see your document as the lyc result e. PhilipPirrip PhilipPirrip 1, 1 6 I found a dissertation class file for my University and a corresponding sample. In fact, it is buggy in several ways.


The first thing I did was to try to import the main. I couldn’t resolve it but assumed LyX just can’t import such a “complex” file.

Then if something is missing just add the relevant code from the main file. Email Required, but never shown.

The thesis writing toolbox

Do not use my official university address, thess miede at-sign web. A simple LateX document would look like this:. I am about to start writing my thesis and decided to finally learn sth other than Word.

lyx vorlage thesis

Imported images are too big on the screen. To organize this, I simple use Dropbox.

LyX wiki | Examples / Thesis

So here is my toolbox I used to write my thesis. You can get the class, layout, and vorlabe LyX example file at: Advice on my part, do not use a template with LyX and try to keep the control over your work ; For setting up a LyX document for writing a thesis, refer to tex.

I can make new entries with JabRef itself or with generators like www.