The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut. The texts and images and the audio and video documents made available on media. The credit for this goes to a power unit that balances torque at low speed and maximum power with outstanding panache. My Chiptuning files specialise in Chiptuning petrol and diesel engines for improved performance and fuel efficiency. Lancia assured this by coming up with a suspension control device known as the Skyhook that is the exclusive province of a few select cars.

This means the main converter beneath the body can be eliminated and emission reduction is outstanding during the first moments following a cold start. Customers who want a comfortable, luxurious car that can be run at a reasonable cost and ensure the same driving satisfaction as a petrol engine. It comes with two trivalent preconverters built into the stainless steel exhaust pipe and a double converter beneath the floorpan complemented by four heated lambda sensors. During cold starts, for example, the system reduces the warm-up period by activating the catalytic converter more quickly but does not impair torque and thus car handling during the first few minutes. FCA and Expo Milan Everything else comes from the engines. The forged, nitrided crankshaft turns on four main bearings.

lancia thesis 2.0 turbo fuel consumption

Engine turbocharging is achieved by means of a Garrett variable geometry turbocharger electronically controlled and complemented by an intercooler that ensures prompt acceleration at low speed. Car Tuning stage 1 Volkswagen – Volkswagen Caddy 2.

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About the engine This cc direct injection turbodiesel unit comes with an aluminium alloy cylinder head and a ductile cast iron engine block with integral liners turboo deck’.


These are as follows: Car Tuning stage 2 Ford – Ford Mondeo 2. The ignition system features individual coils installed directly over the spark plugs. FCA and Expo Milan About the engine The Lancia Thesis 2. Hence the opportunity to use very high injection pressure bar while delivering due to the electronic control minimum, consymption modulated quantities of diesel plus a pilot injection.

A great mileage-cruncher with low fuel consumption. Receive the latest updates, promotions, new offers and exclusive files.

lancia thesis 2.0 turbo fuel consumption

This also means that you can change gear earlier, so your Lancia engine will run at lower revs and therefore more efficiently. The main data for this engine are as follows: The throttle is electrically controlled by the engine management control unit.

Lancia Thesis 2.0 20V Turbo (185 hp, petrol, 2001) – Fuel consumption – urban

Everything else comes from the engines. Electronic engine control is entrusted to a Bosch Motronic ME 3.

lancia thesis 2.0 turbo fuel consumption

Engine Chiptuning for Lancia Thesis 2. This combination of attributes is certainly not usual in this type of car.

Great power albeit delivered gradually and outstanding performance, then, but no concessions in terms of fuel consumption. We can optimise the ECU for any car, van, truck or tractor. Other important engineering features include: With a few pleasant surprises: All in all, it is the Lancia Thesis for someone who wishes to use their car every day for everything they do: Special care has also gone into the emission control devices.

The Lancia heritage – The Aprilia. Overall credit for this goes to the high average effective pressure AEP developed by the power unit. In the case of the Lancia Thesis 2. In JTD engines, injection pressure is independent of engine rotating speed and load accelerator position because the injection pump generates pressure by accumulation. In other words, a 5 cylinder engine with the smooth running of a six cylinder and the fuel consumption of a four cylinder unit.


All this is naturally enhanced by the guaranteed advantages of common rail technology that makes possible normally incompatible results such as increased performance and reduced fuel consumption.

LANCIA THESIS – Sophisticated engines

The texts, images and the audio and video documents are not for commercial use and may not be passed on to authorized third parties. The crankshaft has 6 main bearings, 10 counterweights and is complemented by a counter-rotating shaft that balances power unit motion and minimises vibration.

This leads to a high drive torque from the lowest engine thesiss and means longer ratios can be adopted. The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut.

Car Tuning stage 1 Volkswagen – Volkswagen Passat 2. In the case of the 2. For people who do not like to be second to anyone, even on the road.