A passenger compartment conceived as an ideal microclimate and living room where one is free to enjoy stress-free driving. Discussing the interior, Horrell went on to say: In this view, it would have been better to offer a vehicle in the Mondeo price range rather than the more conservative sector contested by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series [7]. Register or log in to save your favorites Not yet registered? This guideline is available free of charge at all dealerships and from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH at www.

The active differential also acts as a dynamic stabilising element to compensate for skidding in emergency situations. Subscribe Manage your subscription. The tail-lights now come on and a TV camera projects an image on the monitor in front of the driver to make parking easier. When the driver crosses the lane dividers unintentionally e. The front box, with its long high bonnet, draws the rest of the car behind it and the passenger compartment is shifted backward with the boot almost an appendage.

The brake is always on when the car is at a standstill and is released automatically when the car is enabled for movement. Every passenger is also free to control his or her own personal microclimate using a joystick.

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This material consists of a film of real wood bonded to a layer yhesis resin and foam. The front suspension is multilink, with a virtual steering axis determined by virtual points instead of physical suspension points.

Uses of Wikidata Infobox. NL XR Roermond. The facia, squab backs and flaps are in soft wood. In a word, the Top Climate System can pick up on the current mood and use its many sensors to envelop each passenger in tuesis beneficial, healthy cocoon at just the right temperature.


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The car has also a minibar with refrigeratormultimedia system with GPS navigation system, internet access, fax machine and a DVD player. Subcategories This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Air cleansed and deodorised by regenerable active carbon filters does not enter the car through ventilation outlets but through broad perforated surfaces in the interior trim. Its autobox is attentive and smooth.

Lancia Thesis

Modify the email address. Fault Information is displayed on the screen. The body lines are long: Their light beam changes direction, intensity, divergence and light distribution pattern according to car speed, road type, the position of other cars and atmospheric conditions. Simply lean back to listen to the sound.

Tipo Number made: The result is the Dialogos, a car capable of discreetly serving its user and re-interpreting age-old Lancia precepts for a new age: Simply tilt your head back to hear the sound.

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The driver can select the language, graphics analogue or digitalbackground colour, character size and is able to zoom in on a particular function. In poor visibility conditions fog, rain or snowthe anticollision radar is extremely useful. A passenger compartment conceived as an ideal microclimate and living room where one is free to enjoy stress-free driving.

Lancia Thesis 2,4 jtd 20v Emblema Comfortronic.

We advise you to change it in order to receive your notifications but also recover your password if needed. This makes it possible to 10th environmental conditions such as gradient or road grip and detect any anomalies e.


lancia thesis 100th

The doors now close automatically. The screen is controlled by a joystick with two buttons for scrolling through the main options and a confirmation key for moving within individual menus and activating the required tnesis.

Driving options are selected with buttons on the steering wheel and associated messages are displayed on the car monitor. This new soft revolution is not based on theesis technology as in the past a case in point was the Lambda with its impressive total of seven world patents but still radically changes our experience of the car.

Current models Ypsilon III. You would like more alerts and more complex researches? As we wallow in an environment of wrap-around, continuous forms, our senses are soothed by wood that is soft to the lanvia, chamois leather, cashmere and relaxing images from three screens on a facia.

lancia thesis 100th

Retrieved from ” https: The production car premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in March lanncia its interior was displayed for first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The transmission is robotised with an Ego-mode self-learning system.