I highly recommend this MBA program. Regular study duration 7 semesters, inclusive internship and bachelor thesis. They can also work as software developers. Computer specialist are needed in various industries, for example, in automation technology , automobile industry and microelectronics. Currently I am working as management trainee at Daimler AG. Software engineering, distributed systems, project management, technology law, project work, elective 3rd Semester Final thesis master’s thesis. Percentage of teaching by practitioners.

Corporate financing makes sure that enough funds are available at all times in order to run the business and also to finance international expansions. In addition, interdisciplinary qualifications like team work and presentation skills are being taught and strengthened. Program Structure Overview The Digital Enterprise Management program consists of several parts which lead to you to your exam. The following courses, where students will be taught the fundamental aspects of controlling, finance and accounting, will be accomplished alongside the general studies program: Program goals and learning objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question. Manager and Co-Founder of Jiujitsu Manila.

Do you love working with computers? Curriculum and examination regulations.

Hochschule Pforzheim – Program Structure Digital Enterprise Management

Would you like to learn about software and hardwareand in particular programming? Students show that they are able to work successfully in a team by performing practical tasks. The practical approach to studies and learning has imbibed a managerial approach with a strong theoretical reasoning, which now feels natural to me when I use them at work.


hochschule pforzheim bachelor thesis

It would be my pleasure to answer any of bzchelor queries. The degree program is completed with a thesis and oral examination. Program goals describe the competencies, which every student should have obtained at the end of their studies at Pforzheim Business School.

hochschule pforzheim bachelor thesis

Which university is the best for me? Percentage of teaching by practitioners.

Number of master degree students. Controlling, Finance and Accounting M. Therefore, engineers in this field almost certainly work in interdisciplinary teams.

Students will learn to compile financial statements and profit and loss accounts with reference to legal regulations and international standards. Total number of students Percentage of tyesis by practitioners 9.

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Regular study duration 3 semesters, of which 2 for lectures and 1 semester for the master thesis. Products, systems and processes have become more and more ntelligent, thanks to the underlying embedded computer systems.

Please feel free to contact me if need be. Furthermore the students will be able to apply the instruments of business financing for example public offerings or issuing corporate bonds and evaluate these from a cost and treasury perspective.

Find your degree pfkrzheim in Germany in three steps.

Their practical as well as academic knowledge gives them the edge to convey their classroom material through real-life business cases and examples. Human Resources Management M. Your profile – Prerequisites Do you love working with computers?


Fakult├Ąt Wirtschaft und Recht

Graduations in appropriate time, undergraduate degrees Study and Examination Regulations. Systems on Chip Systems on Chip Modul 3: The degree will combine a general business studies program with various modules from finance and accounting to allow you to learn how to plan, implement, manage and control the whole financial process. In the 5th semester you will get the opportunity to complete a bachelorr program-related internship, where you can gain valuable practical experiences.

Individual support Small group sizes ensure an individual support. If you curious about working with technical systems and want to understand how these systems operate, and if you are creative and enjoy developing new conceptsthen you will enjoy working as an engineer. Cooperative projects with renowned German companies provided great opportunities to get deep insight into their brilliant management and great cooperation culture.

Die Modulnote ergibt sich aus dem Credits-gewichteten Mittel der Einzelnoten. Application of course contents in seminars, case studies and in projects with companies. On pforzheik basis you will be able to attend advanced courses and projects in the field of digital enterprise management. Job market- and career-orientation.