Your history teacher has a mark scheme. You are commenting using your Google account. Study Sources C and D. If your handwriting is not the most legible you should have it typed. It has evolved as the main avenue for upward mobility through the accumulation of capital – financial and social. How should should you write your essay? Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

Study ALL the Sources. They had come to revive the old salt industry, and soon an industrial hum dispelled the quiet of Matthew Town. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education. Islanders in the Stream:

Your cover page should have the following: Consequently in the s britain began backing down from its colonies without haste by willingly granting the colonies their sovereignty.


SOURCES Source A Smaller in numbers, from cultures that were either more adaptive or less obtrusive, the Lebanese, Jews, and Chinese experienced at least as much opposition as the Greeks once they seemed to challenge the dominance of Bay Street or the aspirations of non-white would-be traders and craftsmen.

If typed you should use corsework 12 font, double spaced.

Question 3 Study Sources E-G. Posted by Unknown at Your history teacher has a mark scheme. The original Chinese immigrants came from Cuba – explaining why Coursewodk surnames are not uncommon – and got their start in the restaurant, laundry, and cleaning industries.


This site uses cookies. I have started by making my points and using the interpretations to help back up by argument. Two days after the bombing a deserted air strip and camp were discovered in North Abaco.

history coursework bgcse 2016

The Story of The Bahamas, Dr. It can be handwritten or typed.

Ask your teacher to reveiw your response to each question. Study ALL the Sources.

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Mechanized tractors, diesel-powered pumps and giant lorries were imported to do the work which had once been done by hand rakes, windmills and mule-drawn trams. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? By the s, they were major business figures. To answer the questions do your research and get information from places like the library, the archives.

I recommend the paper folder with the clips and pockets. Study ALL the Sources.

history coursework bgcse 2016

Question 1 A Study Source A. Anyone doing causes of ww2 this year?

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Its weird your teacher wont help you, ours helped us go over the passages in class and gave us an example coursework from a previous year. However the british government felt otherwise, they were still convinced that the bahamas should become independent considering the bahamas was already granted internal self-government and proved that they were self-aware, mature enough instead of favoring the opposing side the british government most likely sided with those who wanted independence.

How should should you write your essay? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Thus the propensity for migration is high and there is a general responsiveness to the opportunities for moving whenever they occur.


history coursework bgcse 2016

However although majority of the bahamians saw the benefits of independence there were those who opposed and were convinced that independence should not be sought in but later down the line because of the courswwork of the outcome.

My teacher has said she can provide no help as its against ocr rules but i am confused how to structure the essay. Pictures are not necessary for your coursework but it might make it more interesting reading for the marker having pictures to refer to and if it assists in answering a question make sure to include them. Explain your answer fully. This policy of bgcze half-opened door had the result of regularizing the status of 5, Haitians in B Study Source B. By the s, they were major business figures.

In order to get the full marks courseork 15 points you must give a detailed response covering all the areas requested connecting to the historical facts, making full use of the sources given.