Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? The question of Women teachers is very much special. You are commenting using your Facebook account. In case of girls, highest enrolment ratio is We can make efforts to enroll all the children We can make efforts to retain all the children in the school till they are 11 years of age.

We can make efforts to ensure educational attainment. The Kothari commission feels that the problem of enrolment in class 1 is of great significance. The national average is And it is the teacher who is the closest to the learner. Employment in this sector has been declining. While developing an effective system, the following issues among others should be paid particular attention we should pay particular attention to the following issues:. It means that elementary schooling is to be provided to all children between the age group of years in the country and that a school should be within the easy walking distance from the home of the child.

Educational administrators should have the system of tests of learners, the instruments to appraise the performance of institutions and teachers too. These tasks are essential to personal social adjustment at those ages and each cultural group expects its members to acquire these.

Rain Water Harvesting in India: In such an evaluation system, each competency constitutes and expected performance target and each cluster of competencies lends itself to unit testing and formative evaluation.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

L as stated earlier are primarily to improve the quality of primary education. It is a concept introduced by R. The village and small habitations in areas of Himalayan regions, Kashmir, Garhwal, Almora with less population are situated in distances apart.


essay on universalisation of elementary education

MLLs are the competencies to be developed in the eleentary. It lays down specific educational objectives and the corresponding learning outcomes expected on the part of the learners.

After the enrolment of the students in a school is over, it is unkversalisation to see their progress in successive years. Broadly speaking cognitive development of children can be fostered by a stimulating home and school environment with a lot of scope for free self-activity and opportunities for varied sensory experiences.

The number of teachers at the elementary level rose from 3. A sound evaluation programme if carefully designed and effectively implemented as an integral part of an overall educational programme, can be of immense value in maintaining and enhancing the quality of learning.

Importance of Universalisation of Elementary Education (UEE) in India – HEIGNOTES

E is said to have been achieved only if:. Mastery level of learning universalisatiin achieved when the child masters competencies by learning through activities by doingwhich is in the form of self-learning.

Number of teachers in these schools has also increased from 6. But it is a matter of regret that the prescribed goal has not been reached as yet. It is necessary to educate the citizens in order to make democracy a success.

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Secondary School English 13 points. The child is Retained in school for five years. She thought it was a nice house to live in so she moved in too.

The major focus of the policy formulation behind the M. Recognizing the urgent need to rectify the anomalous situation with respect to quality, the National Policy on Educationcalled for paying immediate attention to:.


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For this, the M. By while Tamil Nadu and West Bengal had reduced their poverty ratios by nearly half, Orissa and Bihar continue to be the poorest states with poverty ratios of 47 and 43 per cent respectively.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

Community Community portal Web chat Mailing list. Establishing linkages between programmes of early childhood care and education, primary education, literacy and UEE. We will write a custom sample essay on Universal Education specifically for you. The quality of teachers can be improved by executing a training progrmme for the untrained teachers in service on basis of study-leave basis.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSAuniveraslisation in November as an umbrella programme, continued to be implemented to support and build upon other primary and elementary education projects.

This of course, does not mean that the young child should be protected from all unpleasant situations. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Google account.

The Constitution of India does not recognize right to education as a fundamental right but has placed it explicitly in Article 45 under the Directive Principles of the State Policy.

Children in a school, India. And evaluation is the only means, which helps us to know the learning states of the children.